Rainbow Water officially opposes Gregory Canyon

For the first time in the history of the Rainbow Municipal Water District or the planned Gregory Canyon Landfill project, the Rainbow board officially took a position expressing opposition to the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill.

The board’s 4-0 vote Aug. 27, with Bob Lucy absent, adopted a resolution opposing the proposed landfill and urging all federal, state, and local agencies involved to deny any permits or other approvals sought for Gregory Canyon. The motion also directs Rainbow staff to monitor the status and progress of any necessary permits or other approvals, to keep the board informed of the status of those processes, and to provide comments as necessary on those permits or approvals.

“Gregory Canyon is placing potential future water supplies for the Rainbow water users in jeopardy,” said Rainbow board member Dennis Sanford.

The adopted resolution states that the landfill would be located on or closely adjacent to underground water basins which have substantial quantities of potable water and which are also potential sites for underground storage for imported water, that the landfill’s construction and operation near San Diego County Water Authority pipelines would threaten the integrity of those pipelines and the quality of water in those pipelines, and that the failure of the landfill liner would destroy underlying groundwater basins.

“To my knowledge there’s not been a landfill in the country that has not leaked at some point,” Sanford said. “When it leaks, because of its proximity it will pollute a potential water source for Rainbow.”

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  1. Bonnie Wright   September 21, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Hooray for the Rainbow Water Municipal Water District. While in Sacramento, Juan Vargas proposed a bill indicating the same conclusion as the District. It passed with all but two votes in Sacramento. The Oceanside Water Authority spoke at an Oceanside Council meeting also warning of the water pollution that will eventually occur if the Landfill becomes a fact after Councilman Felein initiated a proposal in support of the Landfill. Oceanside Councilmen, Kern, Felein, and Feller with the majority vote, ignored the Authorities plea for sanity and voted to send a letter of approval of the landfill to Governor Brown in opposition to the Vargas Bill. Ultimately, Governor Brown vetoed the Vargas Bill. Once again deep pockets and political maneuvers took precedence over the right thing to do. What adds to the outrage of the Gregory Canyon Landfill’s certain pollution of a natural, local water resource is the fact that San Diego County does not need this landfill and it will be used primarily by Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Kern and Felein are up for re-election in 2014, I hope people will pay attention to issues like the Landfill.

  2. Lee   September 22, 2013 at 10:44 am

    See my comments @ http://www.thevillagenews.com/story/73402/


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