Rose family, Woodrow, Hartman also earn ribbons at fair

The gems, minerals, and jewelry exhibit at the San Diego County Fair resulted in special awards for the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society, for Fallbrook’s Elizabeth Cheathem, and for Rainbow’s Meg Berry. Fallbrook’s Rose family, Bonsall’s James Woodrow, and Fallbrook’s Patricia Hartman also took home ribbons from the gems, minerals, and jewelry competition.

The Rose family won five ribbons. As a family entry, they took both first and second in the microcrystalline quartz, three specimens category and received third place in the microcrystalline quartz, one specimen class.  

Their three-specimen entry which won the first-place award consisted of angelwing chalcedony mined in Nevada, cathedral agate mined in Mexico, and a chalcedony “pink cup” specimen from a New Mexico mine. The three specimens which gave the Rose family second place were for quartz samples mined in North Carolina, Mexico, and Nevada. The family’s third-place award for a single specimen was for a crystal from the Pujva mine in Russia.

Al Rose earned third place in the five mineral specimens, one mine worldwide category for his wulfenite stones from the Red Cloud Mine in LaPaz County, Ariz. Erik Rose received a third-place ribbon for the one mineral specimen, self-collected category with the quartz he collected in 2013 from the Kingston Mountains in San Bernardino County.

Woodrow won a first-place ribbon in the one cabochon, worldwide category for his purple agate mined in Arizona and a second-place award in the three cabochons, worldwide class for his Burmese jade, Burmese garnet, and Oregon agate.

Hartman took first place in the wire-worked jewelry, single piece class for a pendant with crystal and sterling tube beads and third place in the metal clay jewelry, single piece with or without stones category for a necklace with crystal and glass beads.

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  1. American Geode   July 17, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Congratulations! Wish we could have seen photos of the winning mineral exhibitions.


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