Scam artist targets local businesses

A scam artist is targeting local business owners with an opportunity to advertise on scorecards that golfers receive when playing a round at the Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course. The problem: Pala Mesa is not currently offering that promotional opportunity.

The scammer says he is calling Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce members about an advertising opportunity that allows ad placement on the scorecards for a one-year period for a one-time fee of $400 or $800. Of course, they are available on a “first come first serve” basis according the scammer’s solicitation email, which features artwork samples.

Linda Costello, communications director for Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber was alerted of the con when Leslie Camilli of Java Time called the chamber after being contacted by “Edward C.” Camilli called the chamber because she is not a member, and she wanted to know if the man calling was legit.

The chamber contacted Pala Mesa Resort general manager Kevin Poorbaugh, who reported that the resort is not currently soliciting advertisements for its scorecards. Costello immediately contacted the District Attorney’s Office about the scam and forwarded an email that “Edward C.” had sent to Camilli.

Deputy District Attorney Damon Mosler contacted Costello and said that anyone who has had contact with this “salesperson” can call him at the DA’s office at (619) 531-3869.




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  1. Calbert Thompson   September 12, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Anyone who is that stupid to give this idiot money should smack themselves in the face for being a fellow idiot.


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