School districts strike agreement on key issues

The superintendents of the Fallbrook Union High School District (FUHSD) and Bonsall Union School District (BUSD) announced Monday, August 26 that certain key asset items have been conceptually agreed upon.

Dale Mitchell, Ed.D. and Justin Cunningham, Ed.D. jointly released the following information concerning ongoing negotiations since the passage of Proposition B (unification of BUSD), which changes Bonsall from a K-8 district to a K-12.

“Bonsall will phase in its high school one grade level at a time, with ninth grade beginning in the 2014-2015 school year,” Cunningham and Mitchell stated.

“For those students in grades not yet attending the Bonsall High School, a blanket inter-district agreement will be made so those students’ district of residency will remain in the Fallbrook Union High School District. Therefore, these students will not have to seek inter-district transfers from Bonsall to attend Fallbrook High School. All inter-district transfers currently in place will maintain their current status,” they stated.

“In order to best serve students, special education services in lieu of some assets owed to Bonsall will be provided to the students at Fallbrook in grades not yet attending the Bonsall High School,” stated Mitchell and Cunningham.

“The distribution of assets will occur over a four- to five-year period,” they stated.

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  1. What I hate   August 31, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Is big Government, What I hate more is bigger school districts, they are never satisfied in raising your property taxes, and always need more "for the good of the children"


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