Shafters Burnout Party helps wounded warriors – Car club members and friends donate $4,000 to wounded warriors on Camp Pendleton

Hot cars and caring people is what the Fallbrook Shafters car club is all about. On Feb. 7, this fun-loving group of local residents donated $4,000 they raised at their annual Mike Hayden Burnout Party on Jan. 1 to help wounded warriors on Camp Pendleton.

“This is our third year holding our annual Burnout Party as a fundraiser,” explained Shafters member Clint Campbell. “Prior to that, it was always just held as a club event. Now it has grown, and grown, and grown.”

Hosted by club president Mike Hayden, who has a drag test strip on his property, the annual get-together includes plenty of hot car action as well as a barbeque.

“Mike, an engine and drag car builder, has the perfect place for the event,” explained Campbell. “His test strip was a hit with the guests – seeing cars launched and smoking their tires.”

“George Seville was the chef and has done a great job for the past three years,” explained Campbell. “He was helped by his family and wives of Shafters members. Shawn Pagett of Fallbrook Tire Co. was also cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for the guests.” Campbell said all the food was provided by the club and Gerry Sevigny served as announcer and DJ.

“Our honored guest was Dode Martin of drag racing fame and the original founder of the Shafters,” said Campbell.

According to member Bill Ahrend, the club was started in 1949 by Martin, “but it went dormant for a few years before being re-energized in the late 1990s with the help of Rick Brain and Carlin Yokum.”

With another successful fundraiser accomplished, the Shafters were pleased to donate the funds to wounded warriors and their families on Camp Pendleton. George Brown III, who is affiliated with the Camp Pendleton YMCA, accepted the donation toward programs that assist those families.

“We try to keep the money close to Fallbrook,” said Campbell. “This was our best year and we thank all who contributed to the wounded warriors.”

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  1. HRODDER   February 20, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    I was there and it was great! This is the 3rd time I’ve attended these burnouts and I, along with alot of other attendees, were very generous with our donations to this worthy cause.
    Unfortunately, all of these burnouts have ended early after the sheriff shows up in response to noise complaints from a neighbor. I’m sure even more money could have been raised if the event had lasted longer.
    BTW, there is not alot of excessive, sustained noise generated at this event, no alcohol is allowed and the majority of the folks in attendance are over 50; the noise is minimal and the attendees are respectful and generous.
    It’s a kill joy neighbor.


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