Sheriff’s commander addresses Revite Committee

The commander of the Fallbrook Sheriff’s substation provided members of the Fallbrook Revitalization Council with a law enforcement update at their Feb. 21 meeting.

Lt. Todd Richardson explained to the group that based on a recently updated FBI Crime Index report, “Fallbrook was one of the only unincorporated areas in the county that experienced a decrease in crime.”

“We had a five percent overall decrease in crime on the FBI Crime Index,” he said.

Richardson said that violent crime did increase by three percent, but due to the area’s low numbers in that category, one crime can easily make that difference.

“We did see a seven percent decrease in property crimes, which we were very pleased about,” he said.

While Richardson said he was gratified that his staff’s crime suppression work is being successful, he credited Fallbrook residents for the improved statistics.

“What this shows is that the members of the Fallbrook community are being very effective by keeping their eyes open; that’s what really helps keep these numbers down,” he said.

The lieutenant reviewed how the Sheriff’s Dept. has tried to increase their presence at schools throughout the county, and that he has asked Fallbrook deputies to be more proactive at all school campuses locally.

“The deputies are visiting a certain number of schools each week, and that includes all the elementary schools as well as the high school,” he said. Richardson said while the majority of threats made against schools in general are “baseless,” all are taken seriously.

Richardson said his agency has created a Fallbrook Impact Group – an intelligence driven task force that does crime analysis weekly and generates valuable data to street deputies that helps suppress crime.

“This data helps us target our resources as wisely as possible,” he said.

Another tool that has proven successful for the Sheriff’s Dept, Richardson said, are License Plate Reader devices installed on the top of Sheriff’s cars.

“These readers have cameras and sensors and they constantly scan license plate numbers around where a Sheriff’s car is located at any time,” he explained. “It shows the officer a read-out inside the car with information on those license plates. It’s very effective.” Richardson said it doesn’t matter whether a vehicle is moving or parked for the device to pick up information.

One of Richardson’s greatest concerns about Fallbrook, he said, is the number of apartment complexes that have not become involved in the Sheriff’s Crime Free Multi Housing program.

“We have about 45 apartment complexes in the greater Fallbrook area; only 16 of those are certified crime-free,” explained Richardson.

Richardson said some of the property owners are being “very uncooperative” when contacted about enrollment.

“I would like to see us have at least 50 percent of the apartment complexes at least enrolled in the program by mid-year,” he said.

Additional information discussed at the meeting included a proposal by Roy Moosa for the Fallbrook Revitalization Council to be re-structured into two focus groups.

“We would like to propose that we have two groups – a Fallbrook Community Forum, which would be comprised of members from all the organizations in town with the goal of sharing information and assisting each other in problem solving. The other group would remain the Fallbrook Revitalization Council and include participants from organization that have economic influence in town,” said Moosa.

“The revised revitalization council would be a working committee to revitalize Fallbrook economically, culturally, and physically,” he said. “The goal would be to develop, implement, and communicate plans.”

“In other words, it’s time to get to work,” said Moosa.

5 Responses to "Sheriff’s commander addresses Revite Committee"

  1. grunt   March 1, 2013 at 8:45 am

    1. Thanks to the people for reporting and the SO for investigating and reducing crime.
    2. We now need to put pressure on the APT owners that are not cooperating.
    3. How many of the remaining problem areas are hosuing predominatly illegals, and what can the citizens of Fallbrook do to reduce that? –

  2. PunkinPie   March 1, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Roger that Grunt! Outstanding job by everyone involved in bringing our crime rate down.

    Can our Sheriff’s Department provide any specific suggestions on how we townsfolks can assist in meeting/exceeding the 50% participation in the Crime Free Multi Housing program?

  3. supernatural   March 3, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    In my opinion (from observation) the crime issues in Fallbrook are not from ‘Illegals" themselves, per se, but from trashy white people, as well as the 2nd and 3rd generation (young, legal) Hispanic males who are gangsters or wanna-be gangsters.

    We need more job training, more decent jobs, better access to education and healthcare to fight this cycle of poverty that leads to crime.

  4. grunt   March 6, 2013 at 8:23 am

    @supernatural – Yes, the government must do it all ;-( – already we have job training and education – (pay attention in school, do you work) – healthcare – how many people in Fallbrook, or CA for that matter really do not have the health care they need? Get up, take any job – if you are not working and an illegal is, why? "Jobs Americans won’t do" translates that it is easier to NOT work and take hand outs than work. There is NO job beneath dignity.

  5. apt managers not the problem   March 9, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Apartment managers in Fallbrook are not uncooperative with the Crime Free Multi-Housing. Sheriff’s are uncooperative with many (apartment managers/apartment residents) when they report crime/are the victim of a crime.

    Perhaps Lt. Richardson should encourage deputies to be polite, respectful, and understanding; when speaking to apartment managers about participating in Sheriff’s Crime Free Multi Housing. Apartment managers have to obey the law too. They can’t just give keys/let deputies search an apartment, without a search warrant. In order to receive cooperation, you need to be cooperative. Sorry Lt. Richardson, you can’t expect something for nothing.

    Perhaps Lt. Richardson should encourage his deputies to be polite to victims/reporters of crime in apartments as well. Of course apartment managers are "uncooperative," since they witness deputies being rude, mistreating tenants, and abusing their power daily.

    Apartment managers and tenants are sick of being treated like dirt by deputies. The whole, "you can catch more flies with honey" attitude would be a win, win situation here.

    Here’s just some of the problems:

    1) Deputy response to calls for service is slow, or doesn’t happen at all.

    2) Apartment managers who report crime, are treated like dirt by Sheriff’s deputies.

    3) Citizens (who live in apartments/report crime)- end up being mistreated by Sheriff’s deputies, (screaming/cussing/accusing) them of lying, wrongdoing, or criminal behavior-for no reason.

    This is frustrating to concerned, responsible, and law abiding citizens. Especially for those of us (with no criminal record), who only wish to clean up our neighborhood. We don’t deserve to be treated like common criminals, when we report crime or are the victim of a crime.

    The way Sheriff’s deputies treat people in poor neighborhoods, (is much different) than the way they treat people in middle class/wealthy neighborhoods. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Fallbrook. I never had the problems (with Sheriff’s deputies),in the middle class neighborhood; that I’ve had- now living in a poor neighborhood.

    I’ve been harrassed/pulled over/detained/cussed at/screamed at- by Sheriff’s deputies more times than I can even count. Whenever I’ve been the victim of a crime, (car stolen, domestic violence, assault)-I’ve been so mistreated by Sheriff’s deputies- that I won’t even bother reporting crime happening to (others/me) anymore. It’s not worth the hassle, embarrassment, or risk.

    Many people feel the same way I do about this situation. It’s not just me. And if you don’t believe me, then come and spend a few days here in the ghetto. You’ll see for yourself that what I say is true. You will see the way innocent folks like me are (hassled/harrassed/mistreated) by law enforcement.

    As far as the illegal immigrant situation: It is illegal for an apartment manager (to ask for/require proof of) an applicant(s)/tenant(s) immigration status. It’s considered "racial discrimination." Apartment managers can get into huge lawsuits/face prosecution, if they "screen" their applications/tenants, by asking for a visa.

    There are laws that protect illegal immigrants and the businesses/ranch owners who hire them. Free attorneys when they break the law, welfare/food stamps/medi-cal- for the whole family. They get additional cash aid for each child they have while on welfare.

    The rule is just the opposite for US citizens (needing to go on aid temporarily.) If a US citizen gets pregnant while on aid, they don’t receive additional aid for another child.

    Why do illegal immigrants get REWARDED for being irresponsible/GET MORE AID (for spitting out babies while on welfare,) while US Citizens DO NOT? (Even in rape cases, if victim chooses to keep the baby, because she doesn’t want to have an abortion.) The rules are unfair.

    It’s unfair that illegal immigrants get (welfare/food stamps/Medi-Cal) at all. Why should someone who breaks the law get welfare? It bastardizes the entire legal immigration process; for the people who (pay the money/take the test/abide by the law), without going on welfare.

    @grunt/comment #4: Grunt, you must know a lot of losers. I personally don’t know any unemployed American/Fallbrookian that "won’t do" a job. I’ve applied to almost every business in Fallbrook, and still can’t find a job here.

    I have no criminal record. (I am white, and I am fluent in Spanish.) I’d rather have- (a job/any job) than take a "handout," thank you very much. I agree with your statement, that there is no job beneath dignity. I am not too proud and would accept any job.

    Your statement- "if you are not working, and an illegal is, why?" Illegals are working because: There are rich ranch owners, avocado packing companies, and landscaping companies in Fallbrook- that hire them.

    Why? Because they don’t want to be a legitimate employer and (provide workman’s comp/health insurance/minimum wage/payroll taxes.)

    Why? Because they can exploit/enslave illegal immigrants. They pay half the wage, for 2-3 times more hours of work.

    Why? Because they can "deduct pay" from the (illegal worker’s) paychecks, by "providing housing" (substandard, terrible living conditions) e.g. a tent or a shanty- with no running water, electricity, or plumbing.

    Why? Because these businesses/ranch owners get away with it. They don’t get any jail time/charged/prosecuted for a crime-when their businesses are raided by immigration. (The employees they exploit, are the only ones that suffer consequences.)

    Why? Because these businesses aren’t ever audited or investigated, by the IRS/Franchise Tax Board/EDD/Immigration/Law Enforcement.

    The source of the problem with illegal immigration, is the businesses/ranch owners- who hire, harbor, and exploit illegal immigrants. If we had laws that punished the (businesses/ranch owners- who break the law), instead of incentivizing them; we wouldn’t have such a huge problem with illegal immigration.

    Why? Because these busineses/ranch owners are tight and greedy. They only care about their profits. They have no conscience about the way they treat people (who work for them), only saving the almighty dollar. They don’t care if their employees get rounded up by immigration, because they can find another worker the next day.

    The worst part, is the fact that these businesses/ranch owners- CAN AFFORD to pay for a work visa, if they wish to hire a migrant worker. It doesn’t cost that much. These businesses/ranch owners CAN ABIDE BY THE LAW, BUT CHOOSE NOT TO. They CAN AFFORD TO PAY their workers minimum wage, BUT CHOOSE NOT TO.

    They would rather pay an illegal worker peanuts, subject the illegal worker to risk of deportation, and send their illegal worker to the welfare office-than pay minimum wage, taxes, etc. and provide safe/legal conditions.

    It would be beneficial to our economy, if these businesses chose to get work visas for their workers. If they chose to pay them minimum wage, it would flood more money into the IRS and the local economy. It would also greatly reduce dependence on welfare.

    Our politicians don’t use common sense when they are figuring out how to solve problems/budgets/help the economy. That will never happen.

    If lawmakers tried to fix illegal immigration- by prosecuting and fining these businesses/ranch owners, they would only whine and complain about how they can’t afford to pay for work visas, minimum wage, or taxes. The whole "woe is me", I’m rich and greedy sob story.

    The rich should pay their fair share in taxes and abide by the law. I wish they would vote "yes" on bond issues- (to build a new high school here.) But heck no, God forbid that ever happen. The rich folks of Fallbrook are too cheap and greedy to spend $36/per year to build a new high school.

    I don’t believe the crime rate is going down. The Sheriff’s deputies are too busy harrassing innocent people, they don’t see the real crime happening. If deputies were patrolling, instead of harrassing good people; they would catch more bad guys.


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