Sheriff’s Dept. warns it is “cracking down” on Social Host ordinance; warns adults not to allow underage drinking

FALLBROOK – The San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. has issued a warning to residents asking them not to be a social host during graduation season and summer vacation.

“School is out and summer is in,” said authorities. “This summer and all year, adults should monitor and secure alcohol at home to help prevent underage drinking.”

“It is illegal to provide alcohol and host underage drinking parties in San Diego County. Sheriff’s Deputies will be cracking down. If you host an underage drinking party, you will be arrested and booked in jail.”

The Sheriff’s Dept. said last year 29 people were cited or arrested for violating the county’s Social Host ordinance.

“The department will also use grant money from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to conduct undercover and compliance operations to ensure local retailers are not selling alcohol to minors.”

A social host is anyone who knowingly hosts underage drinking parties on property they own, lease or otherwise control. The Social Host ordinance assigns responsibility to those who knew or should have known an underage drinking party was occurring on their property.

Violators face up to $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail or both.

“You can also be billed for law enforcement services and held liable for injuries sustained by third parties,” the Sheriff’s Dept. said.

To report underage drinking parties to the Sheriff’s Department 24 hours per day, call (858) 565‐5200. Teens who learn about a party on social media can also call the Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tip Line or Students Speaking Out Hotline at (888) 580‐8477. You could be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward.

2 Responses to "Sheriff’s Dept. warns it is “cracking down” on Social Host ordinance; warns adults not to allow underage drinking"

  1. GOOD!!!   June 5, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    my best friend was killed at a friends family home 11 years ago because they hosted a under age drinking party. and its pretty bad that all you have to do is search the hashtag #fallbrook on things like Instagram and if you look you’ll find videos and photos of under age drinking. I tell ya… kids are not the smartest things about being discreet.

  2. Just saying   June 6, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Okay now expand this to the weekly cultural night clubs that run thru out our area.


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