Six hospital groups show interest in Fallbrook

By the time Fallbrook Healthcare District’s (FHD) July 3 deadline passed, six hospital organizations had expressed interest in potentially submitting a proposal to provide healthcare services here.

“July 3 was the deadline for hospital entities to show interest in receiving Request for Proposal information from us,” explained FHS administrator Vi Dupre.

“We are very excited that these entities have indicated interest, but we don’t know the nature of what their submission will be yet,” she added.

After receiving notice from Fallbrook Hospital Corporation (Community Health Systems) that it intended to discontinue core services in a few months, the healthcare district contacted 11 entities in the region that may have interest in assuming or providing services here. Those entities were asked to respond by July 3 if they wished to pursue further information. Ultimately, those wishing to submit a proposal have until the Aug. 31 deadline to do so.

Dupre said the six that have shown early interest include: Loma Linda, Palomar Health, Scripps, Tri City, Universal Health Systems/So Cal, and UCSD Health Systems. A formal decline was received from Sharp HealthCare.

“We are very excited that in sending out 11, we got six positive responses back,” said Dupre. “That is better than we expected.” She went on to caution the public that there is no guarantee that each entity will end up submitting a proposal.

“It’s still cautionary, but it says these entities care about Fallbrook” she said.

Dupre said that some initial queries have also been made from non-hospital organizations as well. “These would be separate entities from a hospital and we are open to receiving those as well. Those would primarily be for ancillary services,” she said.

While hospital organizations were the first to be queried, Dupre said the Aug. 31 deadline for proposals pertains to all entities wishing to submit proposals to provide any and all ancillary services as well.

Dupre said that Fallbrook Hospital Corporation (Community Health Systems) is being very helpful in disclosing important information to the organizations working with the healthcare district so they can be well-informed in preparing proposals.

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