SR 76 now has two westbound lanes from I-15 to I-5

Two lanes are now available from I-15 to I-5 for motorists traveling westbound on State Route 76.
Two lanes are now available from I-15 to I-5 for motorists traveling westbound on State Route 76.

State Route 76 now has two westbound lanes from Interstate 15 to Interstate 5.

A switchover the night of Tuesday, March 7, brought westbound traffic from the northern portion of what will become the two eastbound lanes to the newly-completed westbound portion.

“By Wednesday morning (March 8) everybody was switched over,” said California Department of Transportation senior construction engineer Dave Cortez.

The new westbound lanes cover the area from Old Highway 395 to Via Monserate.

“We opened about five miles of two lanes going westbound,” said Cortez.  “Effectively what that does is create at least two lanes going west all the way to the 5. We have completed that stretch.”

The eastbound portion of State Route 76 east of South Mission Road is still one lane.

“That’s our next step,” said Cortez. “We’re currently working on that.”

Cortez expects two eastbound travel lanes by early spring.

“We’re ahead of schedule,” said Cortez. “That doesn’t mean the project will be complete.”

Planting and other activities not affecting travel lanes are still to come.

“Overall it’s going really good,” said Cortez.

The uncompleted work also includes the park-and-ride at the northwest corner of Highway 76 and Old Highway 395. That park-and-ride is being enlarged and the improvements also include flattening the grade, adding truck parking and a bus terminal, lighting, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

“We still need to finish paving and planting and striping,” Cortez said.  “There’s quite a bid of work.”

Concurrent work includes widening Old Highway 395 along the frontage of the park-and-ride.

“We’re almost done,” said Cortez. “We’re almost to the end.”

4 Responses to "SR 76 now has two westbound lanes from I-15 to I-5"

  1. Lee   March 18, 2017 at 8:43 am

    My dear fellow Fallbrookers, is this project embarrassing or what?! A short stretch of highway, oh about three or so miles between S. Mission and the 15, takes YEARS, not months, to complete!


    Absolutely embarrassing! This is a project that, AT THE VERY MOST, should take no more than 9 months to complete! Every time I drive by, I see eight “workers”, four of who are shootin’ the [beep], two are pretending to work, and the other two are watching them.


    This, my dear fellow Fallbrookers, is socialism! Here you go, folks. Remember how we always criticized the former Soviet Union and their system of government as corrupt, incompetent, useless, slow, non-working, inept, and down right lazy? Here you go, folks. Here is a prime example of it staring us in the face.

    We work our [beep] off and pay taxes for a highway that takes YEARS to complete. Unreal.

    Remember the length of time it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hoover Dam? True, both were built using basically slave conditions. Absolutely true. But . . . today it takes us years to build a few short miles of highway?!


    PS. And you keep on thinkin’ that we live in a democracy.

  2. Preston   March 25, 2017 at 6:42 am

    Lee, there are certainly must be better things to complain about than the fact we have a very nice new highway.

  3. Buster   April 7, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    4 years for the Golden Gate Bridge
    5 years for Hoover Dam
    (Thanks Google!)

    They started talking about making noises about widening, adding extra lanes and straightening SR 76 in 1961. They did all that Oceanside stuff in the mid 90’s.. The 15 / 76 forever project was done whenever and this final little stretch from Bonsall to the 15 took…. HOW MANY YEARS?
    (thank you Wikipedia!)

    Preston, I think Lee has a point.

  4. Manny   April 7, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Agree (mostly). Seems the entire project to connect the I-5 and the I-15 via route 76 took about a lifetime and still isn’t quite finished. Was a young Marine when they started kicking around the idea in the late ’80s. Regardless, it is great to finally have a four-lane stretch of road to make this drive. Thanks to all the tax-payers, planners, engineers, developers, and yes, even the politicians who helped make this a reality. However, a special thanks goes out to all the blue collar grunts on the ground who literally moved mountains of earth to provide us a much safer and smoother commute to/from Fallbrook. Thanks guys!


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