Students go ‘wild’ with art at 2014 Jr. Wildlife Show

FALLBROOK – The 2014 Jr. Wildlife Show at the Fallbrook School of the Arts had 384 entries from 10 local schools that participated in the juried show this year: Fallbrook Union High School (FUHS), Potter Junior High, Fallbrook Street School (FSS), San Onofre Elementary (SOS), William H. Frazier School (WHF), Bonsall Elementary, Sullivan Middle School, Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School (SPACS), San Onofre School (SOS), Fallbrook School of the Arts and Home School (FSA).

The award winners are listed by grade:

High School

Best of High School Show – Kaylei O’Connor, 9th grade, FUHS

First place – Kayla Tracy, 9th grade, FUHS

Second place – Madison Alexander, 12th grade, FUHS

Third place – Brad Schwab, 12th grade, FUHS

Elementary and Middle Schools

Best of Elementary and Middle School Show – Christian Ostgaard, 7th grade, SPACS


First place – Billy Mathewson, FSA

Second place – Andreas Toliver, SPACS

Third place – Lena Gustafson, FSA

First Grade

First place – Mylea Ramos, SOS

Second place – Jasmine Auge, FSA

Third place – Allie Selves, WHF

Second Grade

First place – Katelyn Mathewson, FSA

Second place – Susie Urritia, SPACS

Third place – Allison Brassfield, SOS

Third Grade

First place – Aiden Hallett, FSA

Second place – Isabella Toliver, SPACS

Third place – Sayra Garcia, FSS

Fourth Grade

First place – Viviana Lasly, FSA

Second place – Grace Moore, SPACS

Third place – Erica Nash, FSA

Fifth Grade

First place tie – Madeline Dorff, FSS

First place tie – Nash Youngren, FSA

Second place – Kaliegh Scott, SPACS

Third place – Leila Perko, FSA

Sixth Grade

First place – Emily Rotunda, SPACS

Second place – Ella Payne, SPACS

Third place – Ella Perko, FSA

Seventh Grade

First Place – Karina Bulli, Sullivan

Second place tie – Hanna Alles, SPACS

Second place tie – Roberto Ortega, SPACS

Third place – Colby Dasinger, Potter

Eighth Grade

First place – Meghan Nowosad, Sullivan

Second place – Antonio Pascual, Potter

Third place – Lily Borst, Potter

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