Stuff Big Red – free e-waste and textile recycling fundraiser

FALLBROOK – Residents can get a fresh start this new year by recycling their old electronics and old clothing/textiles at Fallbrook High School’s parking lot, 2400 S. Stage Coach Lane, on Saturday, Jan. 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Fallbrook Marching Warriors Band and Fallbrook Music Society are teaming up to host this electronic waste (e-waste) recycling collection event, with proceeds benefiting music students in the Fallbrook community. The goal is to Stuff Big Red, the 1974 trailer the band uses during its competitions, and Big Red can hold lots!  

This event is a free community-wide service to both residents and businesses, and offers an opportunity to dispose of electronic obsoletes while helping reduce improper and illegal dumping in the town and landfills. 

Textiles and e-waste items can be dropped off anytime between now and Friday, Jan. 24 at the Fallbrook Music Society office, located in the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Building at 111 South Main St., Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Arrangements can also be made to pick up a large number of items by calling Fallbrook Music Society at (760) 451-8644.

All Green Electronics Recycling will responsibly accept unused, obsolete or non-working computers, monitors, printers, TVs, VCRs, stereos, and other electronic equipment – anything with a plug and circuit board will be accepted. Furniture, household hazardous waste or kitchen appliances will not be accepted.

Any textiles in any condition, such as those made of fabric or leather; old clothing, shoes, sheets, towels will be accepted. All items will be sorted and appropriately up-cycled, recycled or donated to charities.

Fallbrook and its surrounding communities are all invited to support the Marching Warrior Band and Fallbrook Music Society in this effort to help clean up the environment. For more information visit or

2 Responses to "Stuff Big Red – free e-waste and textile recycling fundraiser"

  1. Lee   January 23, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    I believe that when people put their heads together, share ideas, and work together, we can not only make things better, but the number of obstacles that we can overcome are absolutely limitless. There is nothing that we, together, cannot solve or overcome. Nothing! Working together — a principle that this great nation of ours was founded on but, sadly, has fallen by the wayside in favor of a "me first and only" mentality.

    In the spirit of recycling and helping the environment, may I share with you, my fellow Fallbrookers, two environmental-friendly tips. One, please hang-dry your clothes. Here in sunny and warm SoCal, there is absolutely NO need to use an energy-wasteful dryer — none. Hang-drying saves precious energy to dry clothes, saves you money by you not having to buy a dryer in the first place, and prolongs the life of your clothes by them not being fried in a dryer, yet again saving you money in the long run. Build yourself a dryer rack out of scrap wood. Come on, it’s not that difficult to do! We’re hardy Fallbrookers after all. I have done so, and have ALWAYS — and always will — hung-dry my clothes. Works like a charm. Oh sure, try to keep your laundry out of sight; we all know that. But, folks, I’m telling you, you will save lots of money in the long run AND help the environment.

    Two, PLEASE don’t use a wasteful dishwasher. Please! This current drought we are in should be ample reason for you to consider doing so. Dishwashers are water not to mention electricity guzzlers! Change your behavior by simply hand washing dirty dishes IMMEDIATELY after finishing a meal, thus not allowing food to dry. It’s that simple. Plus it’s faster. You will save water and, yes, despite some objectionable moans and groans from the juniors, it WILL bring the family together in some quality fam time. (Or for those of you who like the less politically-correct version, have the kids do the darn dishes. It’s good for them. Builds character.)

    By modifying our behavior just a tad, we can accomplish incredible things that will help both our wallets and, more importantly, help the environment. Please give it some thought, Fallbrookers. Thank you.

  2. DJ   January 27, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    Ahh, I missed it!

    Also, don’t hand wash dishes as someone above suggested. It’s far more environmentally friendly to run them through the dishwasher, well a modern dishwasher. I suppose one from the 60s may use more water. Check out the Bonn dishwashing study.


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