Suggestions made for revitalizing downtown

Residents enjoy the carnival portion of Party Off the Grid, in the Library Plaza, on July 7. More photos from the event will be in the July 20 issue of the Village News. Shane Gibson photo

At their June meeting, members of the Fallbrook Revitalization Committee were asked to prioritize what they felt was needed to be done to revitalize downtown Fallbrook. The committee, which is made up of town leaders, had come up with eight suggestions at the May meeting.

Roy Moosa, president of Fallbrook Village Association, conducts the monthly revitalization meeting and announced the results of the poll at the July 6 meeting. Moosa said that they will work on implementing the suggestions one idea at a time.

In order of importance, the results are:

  1. We need diagonal parking downtown to slow down traffic and make downtown more pedestrian friendly.
  2. We need more destination businesses to bring people downtown from other areas.
  3. We need “Welcome to Fallbrook” signs to help people from out of the area find downtown.
  4. We need more outdoor cafés.
  5. We need to light up Main Street at night.
  6. We need regular events in the Village Square to bring people downtown.
  7. We need regular large events in the Library Plaza venue to bring people downtown.
  8. We would like to see a Railroad Heritage Park as proposed by the Village Association to help create more things to do downtown.

Other comments made on the survey suggested that Fallbrook’s downtown needs a uniform look, a car museum, a walking tour, bike and walking trails near downtown, and part of Main Avenue closed to make it pedestrian oriented.

The recent Party Off the Grid event which used the Bean & Bug parking lot on Main Avenue as well as the Library Plaza for a carnival was an attempt at utilizing downtown in a new way to bring more people there.

According to Moosa, “using the big parking lot as a venue was very successful for the community, the same for the Bean & Bug parking lot.”

Moosa said they are forming a committee to meet with the county to talk about creating diagonal parking downtown; this “will create more parking and slow traffic down.” Closing a street would also make the area more pedestrian friendly.

One option that is also being worked on is the Railroad Heritage Park which would occupy the strip of land on Main, just north of Elder Street, in front of 127 West Social House. Moosa said the plans include having a caboose, (one has been located in Barstow) and a replica of the Fallbrook Train Station.

The committee knows that destination businesses like antique stores, restaurants and museums are needed downtown in order to bring people in from other towns. One suggestion is a car museum. There would be no problem getting vintage vehicles on loan from local residents for 30 days at a time, said Moosa. The only problem is finding an indoor location to house the museum.

Any residents who want to comment on these suggestions or have any ideas of their own on how to revitalize downtown Fallbrook may email them to [email protected] or drop them off at the Village News office, 1588 S. Mission Road, Suite 200. This input will be included in a follow up article.

24 Responses to "Suggestions made for revitalizing downtown"

  1. Lee   July 17, 2017 at 8:41 am


    Yes! Thank you for getting the ball rolling on this important issue that is so dear to my heart! I wholeheartedly agree with all the suggestions and would like to add mine.

    Pedestrian downtown. As you know, many cities’/towns’ downtowns, particularly in Europe, are strictly pedestrian which is an excellent way to attract and raise business. The initial reaction usually is one of opposition thinking that it drives away folks and business; quite the opposite is true. Folks can now leisurely enjoy the town, thus focusing their attention on each business . . . and stopping by and spending money, which they CANNOT do while driving in a car. So pedestrian downtown all the way!

    Outdoor cafes. One word: Paris. Chuckle all you want, but outdoor cafes and restaurants add charm and character to a town . . . which is what folks both local and tourists LOVE. That’s one of the reason why we all visit and love Paris, isn’t it? Well, why not here in Fallbrook . . . a mecca for agriculture, nurseries . . . and now wineries?

    Unified look. YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Look at downtown Rancho Santa Fe how charming it is! Sure, some major construction would be needed which ain’t cheap. True! But the return would be immediate and great. Or simply look at River Village Plaza down in Bonsall and how nice it is. Why can’t adorable and rural Fallbrook have a downtown like that?! We should. The east side of Main Ave., for example, between Fallbrook Street and the old McDonald’s looks like [beep]!

    Landscaping Downtown Fallbrook. On several occasions I have already suggested and pleaded to PLEASE landscape downtown more to add charm and a unified look. Potted plants will do just fine. All downtown businesses RIGHT NOW, can at least add window boxes with colorful plants, a small but significant touch. Here we are in sunny SoCal . . . yet you wouldn’t know it by looking at downtown’s landscaping. Instead, you’d think you’re in dreary . . . Seattle. My dear fellow Fallbrookers, raise your hand if you’d prefer Seattle’s weather over ours?



    Just a few thoughts for now. I’m sure I’ll have more.

  2. FR86   July 17, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    I have wondered why the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club doesn’t have the annual car show to in town along main street instead of the recent places that they have had it. This would bring significant business into town the way the Temecula “Rod Run” does.

  3. Kevin   July 18, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Clean up the buildings on Main Ave.. They are tired, dirty and need a face lift. The charm of a quaint town is gone. Replaced by businesses who keep their inventory outside under tents, unsightly advertising and signage.
    On the bright side, Fallbrook has some wonderful attractions. It’s obvious that Fallbrook is becoming known for it’s wineries and tasting rooms. Build on that concept. What is the partnership with the great wine and our great restaurants? Weddings are another great draw for Fallbrook. Where are they staying? Where are they shopping? What are they shopping for? How is Fallbrook catering to their needs?
    I want nothing more than to see Fallbrook flourish. I wish all the entrepreneurs of this town great success in there ventures.

  4. grunt   July 19, 2017 at 6:36 am

    We must remember that the Fallbrook of old is gone; we are basically a border town – more and more of down town is catering to the illegal; I agree it would be nice to have Fallbrook like Old Town Temecula, but first we need to reduce the illegals and gangs, then move on from there.

  5. Roy Moosa   July 19, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Appreciate all the comments and suggestions. It’s a tough and hard battle having to deal with county regulations and some building owners that just don’t care. But we are making slow steady progress and you will see things come together a little at a time.
    Anyone that would like to get involved shaping our town and its future is welcome to contact me at [email protected].

  6. Thillythavage   July 19, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Funny Thing Is: “the downtown business that WANT MORE PEOPLE downtown … are the cause of NO ONE wanting to come to them!”… Legalize gambling?

  7. Diego Caminante   July 19, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Fellow Fallbrookians:

    There are some basic issues that need to be addressed if we are to compete for our share of the “destination tourist” traffic, that Temecula has capitalized upon over the last ten plus years.

    1. Unlike Temecula, we are NOT on the road to anywhere. They won’t find us by accident!
    To attract the numbers of well-heeled visitors that we need, Fallbrook must take advantage of its’ nostalgia related attractions, the way communities along US 66 have. To do this we must recognize that modern families rely on the internet to get their information about WHERE to spend their free time. The good news is that an internet presence is relatively cheap to acquire. Let’s start one dedicated strictly to advancing Fallbrook as a ‘destination different’. Let’s boost everything that could conceivably attract visitors to our town: Car shows, Avo fests, Art Center, Mineral Museum, Farmers Markets, Historical Society, Restaurants, etc. etc. Whoever does the write-ups on these attractions needs to be a competent writer: sell the sizzle, not just the steak.

    2. We need to recognize that most businesses do not have bottomless war chests to make the kind of improvements that the town needs in order to attract those week-end visitors, AND get them to come back. Co-operation with state & county government planning and funding groups is going to be vital. Fortunately we have a number of savvy boosters that understand this.

    3. Many of the suggestions already made are subject to a “Catch-22” problem. Many are predicated on an assumption of “If we build it, they will come” paradigm. Unfortunately, that paradigm minimizes the time lag between feature roll-out and the greater public awareness of those features that have to be paid for during the “build it” phase. Yet, without those features, who will want to come and visit? The best guess from me is that a co-ordinated boot-strap plan needs to be developed, integrating the above proposals and making it all happen. Sounds simple – it won’t be, but our real world choices are limited.
    Good Luck and let’s keep our eye on the ball.

    • Rossdaily   July 19, 2017 at 12:51 pm

      Sounds like another amateur hour meeting… pissin in the wind

  8. Mikehunt   July 19, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    ICE Adding Officers in ‘Uncooperative Jurisdictions’ to Arrest Released Criminal Aliens, so when the gangs leave and stop KILLING seniors painting churches, that’ll help.

  9. Lee   July 20, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Dear Mr. Moosa, more comments/suggestions. And these comments will be a bit long so I hope that The VN publishes them for which, again, I thank them! Again, I feel VERY strongly about this issue and my/our beloved Fallbrook in general!!!!

    Btw, may I address you by your first name, please? I hate formalities.

    Roy, how’s it hangin’? Much better, isn’t it? I hope that you and all fellow Fallbrookers have a big sense of humor. Some folks are so uptight, you know?

    OK, the BIG PICTURE is the most important thing to understand and to start with. Again, WHY do we all visit and love New York and Paris? Why? In case of New York, it’s Broadway, jazz (the mecca for jazz in the 20th century as we all know)–

    Gomer: “I thought Mecca was a town somewhere in Latin America?!”

    Not now, Gomer, not now. OK, it’s fashion, museums, restaurants, opera, symphony, musicals, art galleries, yes, landscaping (Central Park), architecture (no visit to New York would be complete without going up the Empire State Building, would it?!) and on and on the list goes. Why do we visit and love Paris? Restaurants, sidewalk cafes, music, galleries, museums, architecture, farmers markets, gardens, fashion . . .

    See any similarities? They are exactly the same, aren’t they? AND, most importantly, they clearly show what it is that attracts THE WHOLE WORLD to both cities:

    THE ARTS AND CULTURE!!!! THIS, Roy, is the simple yet powerful formula that, yes, small town Fallbrook can adopt and adapt. Absolutely!

    RESTAURANTS: Well, we need more of them and higher class ones, don’t we?!

    Ooops, before I go on, let’s first realize one huge and important point: we have about 9 million folks living to the north of us — Angelinos — and about 3 million folks to the south of us, for a combined total of about 12 million. And they have money!!! LOTS and LOTS of money! And they are willing to spend it . . . cuz living in their cocooned estates and townhouses, they absolutely positively YEARN for the . . . countryside.

    That’s where you and I come in. And that’s what the Temecula wine country has SO successfully figured out!

    So, back to restaurants. People want nice things! They want a nice house, a nice car (Range Rover SUVs), a nice wife . . . you know, with exquisite plastic DDs and botox lips, nice restaurants . . . where the ladies can compare their latest, shall we say, plastic improvements and all that good stuff. Do we have nice restaurants that cater more to the higher end clientele?

    Gomer: “We got a brand new McDonalds! We got a brand new McDonalds!”

    Yes, we do, don’t we, Gomer? Yes, we do. How right you are about that! Roy, remember the old steak house on N. Main Ave. . . . that’s now a hole-in-the-wall bar? Any old timers like me remember that? Why on earth rural and agricultural Fallbrook does not have a GREAT steak house in downtown is beyond me! So, as you correctly point out, we need MORE restaurants AND cafes! (Again, think Paris. And, Roy, I’m sure many folks are chuckling at the notion that I compare Paris and Fallbrook together and that they share similarities . . . but we do! Folks are thinking small and not understanding the big picture. Remember, CULTURE and the ARTS!!!! Don’t forget that, please.)

    ARCHITECTURE: OK, yes I realize that my wish to have a unified look requiring construction is probably unrealistic. I get it. But . . . it sure would be nice! BUT, we can do the next best thing as Kevin correctly points out: a good ol’ facelift.

    got paint and plants?

    Absolutely! We’ve all seen plenty of home improvement shows on HGTV to know that a simple paint job and some landscaping go a LONG, LONG way to spruce up one’s curb appeal! Great, let’s do that! It’s not expensive — no it’s not — and yet it makes a HUGE, HUGE difference!!! So downtown Fallbrook businesses, can you PLEASE consider this for the sake of downtown Fallbrook, your business AND Fallbrook at large, which is your home?!

    Please DO care! I find it sad that Roy has to lament the fact that some businesses do not care! That is truly heartbreaking to me! This is YOUR town, too. You and I make Fallbrook. WE are Fallbrook. If we toss a cigarette bud onto a sidewalk, THAT’S Fallbrook. If we don’t and/or pick it up, THAT’S Fallbrook. WE make Fallbrook . . . so shouldn’t we make it as nice as we can???!!!!

    Street lights. YES PLEASE! Yes, let’s get the latest and greatest street lights in terms of energy efficiency . . . but why not get nice old ones that are replicas of the ones, say, a hundred years ago? That alone will give downtown a WONDERFUL charm and will add to a unified look! Does Paris have boring plain vanilla or charming street lights?

    Roy, can you PLEASE do me a huge, huge favor? And for goodness’ sake, PLEASE don’t think for an instant that I am criticizing you or the person(s) responsible for the following, OK? I am criticizing the concept only!

    Can we PLEASE get rid of — and replace them with new Christmas street banners — those TACKY, CHEESY and CLASSLESS street banners wishing us a Merry Christmas . . . brought to you by “the name of the business”? GOD, I cringe every time I drive downtown and see them during advent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are more embarrassing and cringe-worthy . . . than all the real housewives of all U.S. cities running all of their fingernails down a chalkboard!!!!! Whose idea was that?! Holy guacamole!!! You think we could leave good ol’ money making capitalism out of simple Christmas greetings?! And the most laughable thing about them is that the very business that sponsors one of those banners . . . is literally only a few yards away for everybody to see anyway!!! HELLO!!!

    “But, but Lee, you don’t get it! The name of the business is there to show folks that IT expresses those Christmas greetings. That’s the part you don’t get!”

    OBVIOUSLY, during Christmas, businesses always wish folks happy holidays to drum up business. Two, the posting of the business’ name is to draw attention to the business’ existence . . . which is superfluous when you look a few degrees and a few short yards to your left or right . . . and see the business anyway! HELLO! Three, you think we could have a bit more class and NOT insert the business aspect and dinero into an innocent Christmas greeting? You think? Or . . . do you wish your relatives a Merry Christmas at the dinner table and say, “Merry Christmas, grandpa! My Christmas greeting to you, grandpa, is brought to you by AutoZone?”

    Do you actually do that? Holy [beep]! Roy, PLEASE, I’m imploring you to get rid of those embarrassing banners and substitute them with FAR nicer and CLASSIER ones. Besides, Angelinos would laugh in their Range Rovers at the sight of them . . . as am I!

    MORE ARCHITECTURE STUFF. As we probably all know, Lemon Grove has a giant statue of a — drumroll, please — lemon in their downtown. They are smart! We are not.

    (No, Lemon Grove, you do NOT have the best climate on earth! Fallbrook holds that distinction . . . so eat your . . . lemon out.)

    Roy, well, why don’t we Fallbrook have . . . a giant avocado, too? Hold on, let me explain, please. Again, I hope I don’t have to preface my comments by stating that this must NOT be cheesy-looking . . . which, in my mind, the Lemon Grove lemon is: heck, they included . . . writing on it. Yikes! Tacky! Here’s what I have in mind . . . and this will HUGELY draw attention to tourists. Ready, Roy?

    I would make three, yes, three, giant avocados, say 10ft. tall, and place them in three locations: the Mission Rd. exit along the I-15; the corner of the I-15 & 76; and the corner of S. Mission Road and the 76. Absolutely! And in the evening they MUST be lit up, of course!!! Roy, here’s what I have in mind. Remember the ARTS and CULTURE big picture theme? Here’s how you do it.

    You hop into your car and make a LONG, LONG road trip . . . to the Fallbrook School of the Arts on Alvarado See? THEY will design and create REALLY, REALLY cool and hip looking giant avocados! (Personally, I would like to make some . . . serious jewelry with that Sara Strange. Hey, I told you to bring your sense of humor with you, didn’t I?) OK, all kidding aside, Roy, the money thing: it ain’t gonna be cheap, right? Sure it will . . . in fact you will convince them to make them — yes, drumroll again — for free. (I’ll help you with that; more in a min.) Absolutely! Look, their students can work on them and so they can become their projects, OK? Plus, we will convince them to, you know, love and care for Fallbrook and to PLEASE do them for free. Finally, the only cost would be for the material, you see? (Hint, maybe these avocado statues made out of rebar or metal would look cool!) Furthermore, they must both look hip AND yet be painted in the familiar green. That’s where those artists come into play: they are really, really cool and really, really smart. They will create GREAT looking avocado statues! And, back to the Paris theme: remember 20 or so years ago when the Parisians were going to build that glass pyramid in the Louvre’s courtyard and all the uproar it created including, yes, by the Parisians themselves? Well, today it’s a tourist attraction . . . and the same will hold true for these giant avocadoes, you see?

    They will bring in tourists to town!!!!

    THAT SAID, as other folks have correctly pointed out — and I have, too, on previous occasions — we are now slowly but surely turning into . . . wine country. Oh yes we are! So, why not have an avocado AND grapes statue? You see? Or how about an entire agricultural “bouquet” of an avocado, grapes and flowers, the last being a HUGE local business as we all know? You see? And have THOSE three statues located and lit up on those three corners, you see? In addition, a sign below could post our famous mantra, “The Avocado Capital of the World”. BUT, obviously, with the inclusion of the grapes and/or flowers, we would now have to rebrand ourselves. So here are my suggestions:

    “The Avocado and Wine Capital of the World”. OK, so we are not quite there yet RE the wine . . . but almost. So how about something more catchy . . . that those self-loving and money-spending Angelinos and San Diegans love?

    “Fallbrook: The Provence of SoCal” Aaah, that got your attention, didn’t it? Perfect, that’s what we want! Or how about?

    “Fallbrook: SoCal’s Agricultural Basket” Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it? But you get the idea. Oh, I just thought of it!

    “Fallbrook: Southern California’s Farmland” Aaah, that’s much more charming, friendly and inviting, isn’t it? I like it!

    Phew, OK I’m going to take a break now, Roy . . . and I actually have more suggestions; far more actually. I want folks to process this info for now. But my point to you is this: ARTS and CULTURE!!!!!! A simple yet powerful formula!!!

    Thank you for reading my suggestions, Roy and my dear fellow Fallbrookers, and, folks, c’mon, write out some thoughts, too!! This is YOUR town, too!!!

  10. Pete   July 20, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    It all starts with food! We need to entice better restaurants downtown with outdoor seating. Great food and atmosphere brings people far distances. I often drive to downtown vista or carlsbad for great restaurants. Fallbrook doesn’t currently have any restaurants that are worth driving distance for.

    • Lee   July 27, 2017 at 12:50 pm

      @ Pete

      Agreed completely.

  11. Lee   July 20, 2017 at 1:06 pm


    Dear Mary:

    Whatz up, whatz up, whatz up, girl?!

    I’d thought I’d start out with an, shall we say, attention-getter? Please tell me you have a sense of humor.

    Mary, as you have read in my comment above, I recommend that your Fallbrook School of the Arts help with getting the word out about Fallbrook . . . with art, of course: making some really cool and hip giant avocado, grape and flower statues.

    “Well, what do you have in mind? Giacometti, Warhol or Brancusi?”

    Gomer: “What do three IndyCar race car drivers got to do with art?!”

    Gomer, c’mon, give it a rest, will ya? Sorry about that, Mary.

    Mary, could I convince you to help Fallbrook out by making three avocado, grape and flowers statues . . . for free, please? Oh, I realize that I am asking a lot!

    Or am I?

    Look, your students could create them. So that would be a great learning opportunity. Your instructors would teach them which would be a great teaching opportunity. So the only cost involved is the materials; my thought is metal or good ol’ rebar. And besides, there is always some grant here and there available, so maybe/probably your school would be paid, you know? I’m just thinking out loud; that’s all. Obviously, I’d suggest to make them as hip as possible yet as recognizable and inviting, too. Heck, you get the idea.

    Mary, look, here’s my sale’s pitch, and it’s a very simple and humble one. I love Fallbrook. YOU love Fallbrook. We ALL love Fallbrook. Let’s help our beloved Fallbrook out, you know?

    Could you PLEASE consider this project and get together with Roy to discuss it?

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you in advance, Mary!

    PS. I just thought of something. Maybe we can create a GoFundMe page and all Fallbrookers can chip in for the cost! Why not?

  12. Roy Moosa   July 20, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for all the thoughts. It shows that that there is genuine care.

    Step one: Ideas.
    Step Two: Someone to research.
    Step Three: People to implement.
    Step Four: Obtain funds to implement.

    So in general, it takes people to implement the ideas and to see them through until they become reality.

    Until that happens, the ideas just remain ideas.

    [email protected]

    • Lee   July 28, 2017 at 10:41 am

      @ Roy Moosa

      Roy, with all due respect, what have you just said that none of us already knows?! Of course, it takes ideas. Of course, it takes money. Of course, it takes folks to implement those ideas.

      It’s been like that for thousands of years! Good lord, this town is stupid!

      “So in general, it takes people to implement the ideas and to see them through until they become reality.” Gee, no kidding . . . unless, of course, you believe that the . . . seven dwarfs built the Eiffel Tower.

      Roy, YOU are here to implement the ideas of the people. That’s how a democracy works! If you cannot, do not want to or are unable to do so for whatever reason, PLEASE step aside and let somebody else accomplish what is needed for downtown Fallbrook to once and for all grow up and properly flourish!

      Here you are the PRESIDENT of our Fallbrook Village Association . . . yet you tell us that it takes folks to implement ideas. Yikes! Imagine the most powerful person on earth, the President of the United States, telling us that it takes folks to get things done in our country. Sort of a contradiction, don’t you think?

      Roy, come on, you are better and smarter than that. Listen to us, Fallbrookers, and get things done, please, so that downtown Fallbrook isn’t stuck in a decades-long . . . not to mention an embarrassing rut.

      • Roy Moosa   July 30, 2017 at 2:19 pm

        Appreciate your thoughts but I think I may not have made my point well enough. Like most organizations we are short on manpower and have an overabundance of critics. Unlike the President of the United States, we don’t have a team that gets paid through tax payer dollars to carry our mission. Everything we do from Fallbrook Summer Nights to managing the Village Square is overseen by volunteers, who do not get paid. done. These are people, like myself, who have jobs, have bills to pay and have families, yet still find time to put together events and attend meetings to support the community. I can’t tell you how many countless hours it takes to put on a Summers Nights event with just a handful of people.
        That’s what I meant when I said “It takes people to implement”. In other words, it takes people, who are willing to work to better the community for no pay other than the reward that they have done something to make our little world a better place.
        If that sounds appealing, let me know. [email protected].

  13. Tracy   July 21, 2017 at 11:48 am


  14. Preston   July 22, 2017 at 7:11 am

    Fallbrook is the undiscovered gem of Southern California. It is beautiful, quiet and still rural with excellent facilities nearby. We have problems that definitely need to be cleaned up and I am all for making downtown more attractive and inviting but please don’t try and turn Fallbrook into another Temecula. Enforce our National Laws and Local Codes, clean out the gangs, drug dealers, thugs and the other ills in town will cure themselves. People would not go to downtown Rancho Santa Fe to eat at a sidewalk café if they had to sit next to a gang thug with a pit bull on a giant chain. I have lived in California for many years and witnessed one community after another fall prey to the big thinkers and I guarantee you, many living in Fallbrook moved here to get away from what happened in one of those communities so please be careful what you wish for.

  15. FallbrookDweller   July 23, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Fallbrook has a identity problem. It does not know what it wants to be. While there is some incredible wealth and beautiful homes and landscape in the surrounding mountains, town itself is not very pretty seems to cater to hispanics and low-income. There is no reason downtown Fallbrook could not be a destination spot. Unfortunately it currently consists of mostly low-end thrift stores, liquor stores, massage parlors, tattoo shops, and other even less appealing places of business. First thing is to have some kind of control over what types of businesses open in downtown Fallbrook. Last thing we need is another ethnic market, fast food chain, or pre-paid cell-phone shop. I agree with a previous poster when they suggested more outdoor cafes and restaurants. If people come to eat they will stay to shop. The current shopping options in downtown fallbrook are few but would increase in time and quality if the foot traffic was there. At the same time the Sheriff needs to make more of a presence in downtown and by doing so send a “Not-Welcome” message to all the gang-bangers and low-lifes which seem to congregate in the areas around downtown. After dark downtown Fallbrook is a “Not So Friendly” place to be. That needs to change.

  16. Tony   July 23, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Please get ICE to get rid of the gangs and lowlifes and downtown will start turning around. I think Trupiano does a great job for the hand he was delt when it comes to restaurants. 127 was great and showed some promise until the fire.

    I know it’s been known for avocados forever but maybe it’s time to transition to something that’s a little less hispanic. Like wine. Hispanics are great but they don’t spend money at your “outdoor restaurants ” you want and nobody travels anywhere for the guacamole.

    Oh and another topic is help our schools. Start from the ground up and maybe our town will be respected. The schools here are a joke.

  17. Preston   July 26, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Tony, you are right, — “The schools here are a joke” and that is an understatement! I know several kids that went to Fallbrook High School that cannot speak or understand a word of English. One of the first things a family will ask when considering moving to a new community is about the quality of the school district. I live in Fallbrook however when I moved here I chose a location in the Bonsall District even though I no longer had school age children.
    If you want to improve the community you must improve the schools as they are a key building block.

  18. Lee   July 27, 2017 at 12:47 pm


    Dear Robert:

    Perhaps you are an old timer like me who remembers your supermarket from a few decades ago. Back then, Fallbrook had two Safeways, yours being the “old Safeway”, which was a wonderful store where I shopped all the time. I have also shopped in your supermarket many times, but, unfortunately, cannot make the same praises when looking at the building.

    I find this very, very sad! When looking at the façade of your supermarket, it “says”, “Look world! Hispanic culture and Fallbrook are garbage!” Instead, it should say — nay, scream — “LOOK WORLD WHAT GREAT A CULTURE THE HISPANIC CULTURE IS AND WHAT A GREAT TOWN FALLBROOK IS!”

    How to achieve this? Very simply.

    got paint?

    Robert, why don’t you paint your supermarket in a bright color like so many homes/buildings in Mexico? I don’t get it! How about a nice rich ochre? Or a nice blue . . . or deep fuchsia . . . or any bright color that is so prevalent in Mexico? Why not make it a really authentic-looking supermarket that PROUDLY proclaims its Hispanic heritage AND honors Fallbrook at the same time?

    Why can’t Fallbrook have a great Hispanic supermarket and a ballet school for kids across the street? Why can’t Fallbrook have a great Mexican supermarket and a muscle car museum right next door? Why can’t Fallbrook have a great Mexican supermarket and the hippest coffee shop two blocks down the street, etc.? My answer is that we can, should AND must!

    And what is up with the parking lot which is covered in more oil and other fluids than any NASCAR pit row? How sad, Robert. Can you please take care of it?

    Robert, as I have stated before, you and I make Fallbrook. It’s very simple. I believe that Fallbrook, with its GREAT avocado industry and heritage, one that would not exist . . . WERE IT NOT FOR THE GOOD FOLKS OF HISPANIC ANCESTRY, should and must have a vibrant Hispanic presence in downtown. Let us showcase it and celebrate it.

    And let us do so proudly and with class.

    Robert, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration, and for making downtown Fallbrook better.

  19. Roy Moosa   July 28, 2017 at 9:11 am

    The Fallbrook revitalization Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at the FPUD meeting room 990 East Mission at 10 am.
    All are welcome. If you’d like to be placed on the e-mail list, send your e-mail to:
    [email protected]/net/

  20. Denny   July 29, 2017 at 10:19 am

    The hard truth is that the allocation of the types of residential real estate in Fallbrook creates the demographics which create the character of the commercial / retail space in the community. The area surrounding downtown and the area west of Mission and along Mission from Rocky Crest to the downtown area is dominated by low income apartments/trailer parks rather than single family homes on ½ acre lots. The minuscule amount of residential real estate that best contributes to this revitalization objective is sequestered behind “border walls and fences” in a different world. These conditions directly impact village commercial/retail activity, crime and the schools. If you cannot change the relative allocation of apartments and single family residences, you are left with a Third World village no matter what you try. Given its climate, scenery and relatively remote location, Fallbrook at one time could have grown in prosperity and safety. When the apartments were built and trailer parks stayed, it was over – welcome to the Third World.


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