TAC recommends modification of Reche Road parking prohibitions

The county’s Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) recommended the modification of parking prohibitions on Reche Road near Potter Junior High School and Live Oak Elementary School.

The TAC’s unanimous recommendation June 13 would replace the parking bans on the north side of Reche Road from 250 feet west of Los Conejos to 650 feet west of Los Conejos, on the north wide of Reche Road from 760 feet west of Green Canyon Road to 1,330 feet west of Green Canyon Road, on the south side of Reche Road from Los Conejos to Via Del Oro, and on the south side of Reche Road from 1,370 feet west of Green Canyon Road to 2,670 feet west of Green Canyon Road with prohibitions on the north side of Reche Road from Via de Maranatha to 650 feet west of Los Conejos and on the south side of Reche Road from Via Del Oro to 1,150 feet west of Los Conejos. The TAC recommendation may be ratified, overturned, or modified by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, who are scheduled to hear the recommendation Aug. 6.

“We have parents who were ignoring the no-stopping sign and the red curb,” said county Department of Public Works traffic engineering technician Maria Rubio-Lopez.

Although Board of Supervisors approval is needed for regulatory changes, the Department of Public Works has the authority to install signage. The existing “No Stopping Anytime” signs have been replaced with oversized signs. “We also put in some red curbs in between,” Rubio-Lopez said.

The additional red curb is expected to maximize visibility and reduce congestion during school arrival and dismissal times. “We noticed there was a little mismatch,” Rubio-Lopez said.

The TAC action and the expected Board of Supervisors action will make the parking prohibitions at those new red curb areas official and enforceable. “There will be no more space for them to ignore,” said San Diego County Office of Education loss control manager Dennis Sulzer, who represents the SDCOE on the Traffic Advisory Committee.

2 Responses to "TAC recommends modification of Reche Road parking prohibitions"

  1. Phyllis Brown   June 27, 2014 at 10:20 am

    This is absolutely an enormous waste of funds, plus will put added stress on Los Conejos.
    We already have a terrible time getting into and out of LosConejos at close of school. One day I had to stop on Reche because parents were parked on both sides of LosConejos with no place for me to go until the car coming out backed up, Parents park on both sides of our street, which is marked private property, no parking on both sides. A man was parked right beside the sign that said no parking any time. I stopped and asked the man what the sign said, his reply, go to h—— bitch. I went down to the police station and they said since we are private property they can not do anything. May I ask this question – do we pay the same property taxes as though living on county streets. The principal of Potter has been extremely nice -he went over to talk to the parents and they laughed at him. Does anyone know the address or phone number of these inconsiderate persons on TAC. If parents do not obey our signs on Los Conejos do you think they will obey what they are doing on Reche.

  2. joss   June 27, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Signs have never fixed poor city planning


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