UPDATE: Victim has claimed stolen property from Sheriff’s Dept.

UPDATE (Thurs., July 31, 1:30 p.m.)

Sheriff’s Detective Steve Ashkar has just notified the Village News that the stolen property relating to this story has just been claimed by its rightful owner. The victim was a man whose home in Temecula was burglarized recently.

Sheriff’s Dept. seeks owners of possibly stolen items

Debbie Ramsey

Managing Editor

Authorities with the Fallbrook Sheriff’s substation are hoping to find the owners of some property that may have been stolen.

According to Sheriff’s Detective Steve Ashkar, the items were discovered when a family in De Luz arrived home on the evening of Sat., July 26.

“The items were found on their property and their gate padlocked, locking them out,” explained Ashkar. “The items were possibly left by a thief who erroneously thought the property had been vacated (the property is up for sale and appears to not be inhabited) or they may have been placed there by mistake by an innocent person.”

Some of the items (see photos) include an Exmark lawnmower with a Kawasaki engine; equipment made by Stihls and Husqvarna; and a Gamo brand air rifle (no serial number).

Anyone that recognizes the items or wishes to establish a claim of ownership should call Detective Ashkar right away at (760) 451-3100.

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