World of Color Gala makes prom a spectacular event

Jeremiah’s Ranch “World of Color Gala” guests enjoy a night of dancing at North Coast Church in Fallbrook, Sept. 30.

Sandi Anderson
Special to the Village News

As a young child, do you remember looking through a kaleidoscope tube? Now imagine yourself in a giant kaleidoscope with brilliant colors and lights. You and your friends are dressed to the 9’s dancing to the sounds of Bruno, Michael and Usher.

On Sept. 30, this was not an imaginary but a real, spectacular event, “The World of Color Gala”, for the adults with special needs at Jeremiah’s Ranch, Care Rite, their family and friends.

Pastor Trent Jenkins of North Coast Church said, ”This is the first event in our new location. Our goal was to make everyone who walked through the doors feel like they owned the world.”

Gala attendees were greeted at their cars by paparazzi that cheered them along the red carpet while having their photos taken. Guests were smiling and escorted into the building decorated with beautiful balloons and floral arrangements provided by Kelly of Major Market. The Garden Center Cafe provided a delicious spread of appetizers.

Next came the “Remember This” photo booth where owner Ginger Wilson provided crazy photo props. “I love seeing all the smiles and giggles, I have a great job,” Wilson said.. Jennifer DiMuzio smiled looking at her new photos. Paula Foster showed off her beautiful wrist corsage given by her date, John Brouwer. She signed, “It’s beautiful” as her face glowed. Looking sharp in his dress shirt and tie, John Feskanich was excited to share, “This is my first time to get really dressed up. It feels so good to be here”.

DJ Ronnie began to crank out the tunes. “This place is lit!” he said with a smile. Under a canopy of colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, guests danced to The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, and more. The kaleidoscope of colors flashed across the entire room. Joanna Jue loved it all. Her friend, Teresa Almead, remarked she felt amazing, as it was a big night for Joanna.

Jeremiah’s Ranch director Linda White and Brad Gilpin of Care Rite agreed that when the community comes together like this, everybody wins! Fallbrook is a unique community where adults with special needs don’t need to be bused away to day programs. They can stay in their community where they’ve attended school since kindergarten. Tom Elling, retired teacher from Fallbrook High noted many of the attendees were former students. He was excited to see them having a wonderful time.

The evening ended with swag bags for all. On his way out, Tom Hazard exclaimed, ‘I had so much fun. I used up all my energy out on the dance floor. Since I moved to Fallbrook, my life is 10 times more fun if not more! And being interviewed for the Fallbrook Village News tops off the night!”

Other sponsors of the event included Batali Ranch, DJ Ronnie Gibson, Susie Fiebich Photography, Kent Allison Photographer, Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop and the Peck Family Foundation.

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