Car club holds annual Turkey Shoot and Poker Run

FALLBROOK – On Nov. 9, Fallbrook Vintage Car Club (FVCC) members, their families and friends turned out in record numbers for the club’s annual Turkey Shoot and Poker Run. Over 50 people participated and in spite of the event’s title, they didn’t shoot poor defenseless turkeys. The ‘turkey shoot’ reference helps conjure up the feeling of the ‘old days’ when the turkey hunt was usually combined with a poker game afterwards.

The car club’s event is a take-off of that turkey hunt/poker game only instead of hunting for turkeys, club members travel by car via a pre-determined route looking for five large pouches marked FVCC that are attached to poles, fences, trees, etc.

Each pouch contains a deck of playing cards from which one family member from every car picks a randomly selected card out of the five pouches along the route. At the end of the Run, a poker game is played using the cards selected and the participant having the best poker hand wins an award.

Besides being a poker run, this event is also a timed road rally race whereby the Run participants compete against a pre-established course completion time that has been determined by the event organizers. While staying within the posted speed limits, and taking a card from each of the posted envelopes, the car with the best completion time wins an award.

This year, 25 vehicles took part in this roaring event which ended at Richie’s Diner in Temecula. After the smoke cleared, the participants settled in for a bite of lunch and to find out who had won the awards.

The award winner for the best hand in the Poker Run was Chris Fechete. The timed rally was won by Doug and Sharon Allen when they came in first place by just one second! Awards for second and third place winners of each category were also handed out as well as many gifts from the club’s raffle.

The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club is a non-profit, benevolent organization that provides financial support and volunteer efforts for the many non-profit youth, sports groups, schools as well as senior organizations in the local community. For more information, visit

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