Kenneth Bruce Nair

Kenneth Bruce Nair, a resident of Fallbrook since 1989, died June 11, 2013 in a motorcycle accident on East Mission Road. He was 32.

Nair is survived by his wife, Paige, and newborn son Liam as well as parents Len and Margot Nair; siblings Marnie Nair, Ramon and Janna Solis, and Mark and Esther Nair; and nine nieces and nephews.

A contractor by trade, Nair was pursuing a career in law enforcement, and had attended the California Highway Patrol academy in Sacramento in 2010. Former clients of the family business, Nair Construction, range from Malibu to El Cajon, and hundreds of homes in San Diego and Orange County bear his workmanship.

Loved ones recall how Nair had a knack for making friends. He enjoyed being around people, and was known for a painfully honest sense of humor that kept his friends and family on their toes.

Nair was athletic since he was a boy, with pursuits including soccer, snowboarding and rock climbing. His physical exploits are among the most cherished memories held by his long-time friends, who remember him scaling water towers and charging ahead into abandoned mines.

He also enjoyed traveling, especially when it involved exploring off the beaten path, and in recent years would cover long distances on his Harley-Davidson Sportster to visit friends in San Luis Obispo and the Central Valley.

As a mechanic, Nair spent most of his adult life maintaining classic cars, from his first, a Chevrolet El Camino, to the vintage turquoise Thunderbird that sits in his garage today. He also collected vinyl records and mid-century memorabilia, and was a self-motivated student of history.

Above all, he loved to laugh and enjoy the relationships he spent his days and years cultivating.

Nair was a lifelong Christian, most recently attending SonRise Christian Fellowship, where he played volleyball once a week and participated in youth outreach. He confessed his faith in Jesus Christ shortly before his fourth birthday, and considered helping others—through service or mentorship—to be his life’s ministry.

He will be missed by the family he leaves behind, as well as the friends who were privileged to share in his rich, eventful life.

A memorial service is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 7 at SonRise Christian Fellowship, 463 S. Stage Coach Lane. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to SonRise for Paige and Liam Nair.

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