A thank you from TEEN GANAS

On behalf of the Fallbrook Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee (FCCPC) and its TEEN GANAS Mentoring Program, we would like to thank the community for supporting the TEEN GANAS car wash that was held behind the Smog Bros on Nov. 18. These at-risk teens worked very hard all during the summer and fall to help raise funds for their chosen field trip which will take place on Dec. 8.

Special thanks and recognition goes to Captain Rick Rees, Engineer Steve Woods, FF/PM Kyle Krenz, and FF/PM Tyler Ruiz of the North County Fire Protection District. We would also like to extend these same sentiments to Corporal Craig Hyer and Deputy Ricardo Andrade of the Fallbrook Sheriff’s Substation. They, along with several members of the Fire Explores/Reserves, joined the teens, helping them wash and dry the cars, and even helped attract customers by waving signs on the nearby street corners. Thank you for your caring spirit.

‘To the members of the Fallbrook community and Debbie Ramsey, Editor of the Fallbrook/Village News, who, with their generous support, demonstrated that they understand the importance of helping and encouraging these at-risk teens, we are very grateful for your kindness.

Matthew Noreen, TEEN GANAS Mentor

Pat Braendel, Founder & President Fallbrook Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee

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