A ‘thank you’ note

This is good news and will take you back years to the good old days. This happens at times, but not often in our current world. I would like to credit the good people and employees of Fresh and Easy, Fallbrook.

I was so busy buying my groceries and working the checkout computer that I over looked my wallet and left it behind. I didn’t realize it until two days had passed. With the help of family and friends hunting everywhere, we were able to reconstruct my steps and last recollection of the missing wallet. It was left at Fresh and Easy! A quick call as a last ditch effort, and it was there.

I immediately ran down to the market and picked it up. Not a thing was disturbed and all was intact. So now I am shouting it out through the newspaper to all in Fallbrook that we still have a small town good feeling here! Here’s a big “thank you” from the lady with the yellow wallet.

RH Beck

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