Advice for jewelry repairs

I would like to offer some valuable advice to anyone leaving jewelry for repair: take a photo and get a detailed, written description of the piece, including size and color in case of a later dispute.

I recently had a very harrowing experience at a local jeweler.

I took in beautiful opalescent, white pearl earrings to be reset and when they were returned, they were not mine. The color and size was completely different.

Of course, it was my word against the jeweler, and even though I had a witness, needless to say I came out the loser. The jeweler raved at me and harassed me, implying I was a liar and didn’t know what I had brought in. Obviously my pearls had been lost somehow and replaced with substitutes.

I am not only out the cost of the repair, but also my original pearls.

The lesson is: always ask for a detailed receipt. I was never given any receipt.

Even at my advanced age, I guess it’s not too late to learn a lesson. Do not be gullible and trust someone that you feel should be ethical and honest.

Donna Totten

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  1. FDA   April 19, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    A good reputable jeweler would automatically do that for you! Im so sorry you had to learn the lesson the hard way.


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