Animal sanctuary needs used van or truck

The Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary (FAS) has a new desperate need. The old van that they use to transport animals to the vet and adoptions and to pick up supplies has died. The donation of another used or small truck is needed right away.

I am hoping that someone in Fallbrook might need a (non-profit) tax deduction of a used fuel efficient pet mobile.

It has to have a shell over the bed if it is a truck, so that pets in cages can be transported safely. A minivan would be ideal.

Also, I hope that anyone looking for a cat to add to their family would consider Christmastime to take advantage of FAS’s “Home for the Holidays” adoption fee discount. This may be just what a lonesome cat that stays home alone a lot needs – a friend to play with.

Please keep donating gently used or new household items and treasures your family doesn’t need. We sell them and it helps buy food, cat litter, and medicine.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Connie Buehman

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