Appreciating Fallbrook Vintage Car Club and Major Market

It was refreshing to read the article in your April 4 edition about Sam Logan of Major Market receiving the Vintage Car Club donation of their car show posters. Mr. Logan and his market have been so supportive of the community and receive very little credit for all that they contribute. Major Market discount days for seniors (like me) and their discount days for military families are wonderful benefits to us in Fallbrook.

The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club is also to be commended for all that they do for the many needy youth groups and organizations within the Fallbrook community, I’m sure their donations to the deserving recipients are well received. Their gift of the missing car show posters to Major Market is a great example of the good they are doing for our town.

Today’s world needs more clubs like this one and more people like Sam Logan.

Grace Yelich

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