Cardiac wellness saves lives

Cardiac wellness is essential for the health of the citizens of Fallbrook.

Cardiac wellness is not limited to in-hospital measures and a 13-week course of mild cardiac rehab, nor just showing up subsequently for unsupervised exercise on the treadmill or bike. Cardiac wellness consists of many factors, including exercise and does not end with post-op rehab, but is a lifetime pursuit and ends when you end.

The cardiac wellness program at Fallbrook Hospital has 40-50 current enrollees and has hundreds of alumni, with some patients continuously enrolled for nearly its entire 25-year existence.

There is no equivalent service in Fallbrook. The nearest alternatives are 15-26 miles away. On the basis of visits and discussions, profiles have been created to cover local alternatives based on a set of criteria. The criteria include, most importantly, ongoing observation and monitoring by medical professionals at each scheduled session, maintenance of extensive records on each patient, basic cardio machines, a local facility, modest cost, inexpensive exercise classes to promote mobility and strength with weights and bands, and fellowship among patients and staff. The family environment of the Fallbrook Hospital cardiac wellness program is, in itself, a healing quality.

Fallbrook’s cardiac wellness has evolved and improved over its quarter century history. It provides an essential healthcare service to the Fallbrook community that has significantly impacted the quality of life of participants. It has been a matter of life or death for many.

John Watson

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