Community makes Canine Mayor fundraiser successful

We have a winner! Fallbrook’s Canine Mayor Election 2017 Fundraiser was a big success. Mayor Quintin Marr and his Canine Council members, Axelle Belle, Izzy, Yogi, Halsey, and Pariselle were indogurated on May13.

A special thank you to all of the caninedates, their campaign managers, all of our sponsors and wonderful people who donated prizes. And of course, everyone who voted.

We were informed this morning that our fundraiser was the most successful fundraiser that our beneficiary, Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, has had to date. All total, cash donations and prizes, we took in a grand total of $20, 006.

Thank you again everyone for your generosity and such a successful campaign. We look forward to our future endeavors and improving the lives of as many animals as possible!


Christine Shurow
Founder, Canine Mayor of Fallbrook Campaign

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