Consider adopting a cat

Most likely, we would all agree that this time of year is special.

Those of us who are into our experienced years reflect on our lives and that which we have to be thankful for. And, towards Christmas, we start to think about appropriate gifts both to give and hope to receive. Of course, the younger we are, most of those thoughts are directed to the receiving part.

Please, let us invite you to think about a gift that is dual in nature. By that, we mean that everyone gets a present.

At the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, we have over 100 cats that live their lives contained in small areas. Of course, they get lots of human contact, food and care, but when it is all said and done, and the lights go out, they stay put.

Think, please, about adopting a cat that has been spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. The gift you receive is one of unconditional love from an animal who just wants to be free and enjoy life.

The gift you give is freedom and a real home to one of our adorable and loving cats.

We operate on a strictly non-profit basis. There is no profit here, only the hope of a good home for our animals.

Phyllis Molloff


Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary

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