Did you see a hit-and-run?

On Tuesday, July 29, our silver Toyota Avalon was parked on West Kalmia Street near Pico/De Luz Road on the side of Casa de Cortez Apartments.

At around noon our car was hit by a hit-and-run driver who has only been identified as a Hispanic male driving a silver car. The collision caused extensive damage to the driver’s side doors and mirror.

The crash resulted in a piece of the hit-and-run driver’s bumper being taken off and left at the scene. The piece of the bumper obtained was in an “S” shape and would have most likely come from the passenger side bumper. Part of the driver’s headlight was also broken.

Law enforcement has not been able to identify the driver of the car. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover the damages unless we have positive identification of the driver and the driver’s vehicle.

A $200 reward is being offered for information that directly leads to the identification of the hit-and-run driver and his car. We understand that accidents happen and are only seeking information in order to have costly body work covered by our insurance company. We have no plans to press charges against the driver.

Please submit any information to: [email protected] and thank you in advance!

Donna Payne

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