Dog park needed in Fallbrook

Thanks, Phyllis Molloff, for your May 2 letter, asking for a safe place for the dogs of the Animal Sanctuary to run and play. We want you to know that we certainly agree, and that all the dogs of Fallbrook need such a space, a fenced area where they can run unleashed, exercise, and socialize with other dogs. In other words, Fallbrook needs a dog park/off leash area.

We have formed a group to work to make this dream a reality, and so far we have gathered almost a thousand signatures on a petition to show support for a Fallbrook Dog Park (with thanks to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary for giving us a booth at Paws in the Park).

We are meeting with other Fallbrook groups and decision-makers, and we are making good progress toward the goal. If you, or any other dog lovers, would like to help, email us at [email protected]

Patty Campbell

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