Election was an amazing experience

San Diego County votes are in. Congratulations to Siegrid Stillman and Lisa Masten for winning in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District board election. May the next four years bring the best education we can give to our students.

All of our students must be encouraged to reach for the stars. Mediocre should never be acceptable. We need to work towards the goal of being the best schools in California.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me; everyone at the Fallbrook Tea Party, my family, my church family, and friends. Thank you to Cliff and Laura Sumrall, leaders of the Fallbrook Tea Party, who encouraged me to run. Laura was my campaign manager. Thank you to my friend and campaign editor Mary Oldham.

This was such an amazing experience – meeting new friends and gaining new knowledge. I did not lose. I won so much. I am not done! I am so very blessed. I was unknown and received almost 3,500 votes! Wow! Amazing!

If you are not happy with our government, community, and our schools, and if you see family values being undermined, think about running for office. No longer can we sit back and say, “It won’t happen. It couldn’t happen.” Well, it has happened! We must stand up and get involved. Experience is not needed. Often no experience is the best experience.

This is only the beginning. I am not done! God bless our schools, Fallbrook and America.

Maxine Allison

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