Fallbrook hits the headlines

Earlier this year our little community hit the national headlines with a sensational murder filled with “shades of grey” overtones; then a drug and weapons bust put us on the map again when Operation Cruel Summer culminated in the arrest of 47 local residents.

Yet happily for most of us, life goes on without any major disruption in this busy, “old-fashioned,” little country enclave!

Saturday, Sept. 29’s unveiling of a lovely new “Fountain of Giving” sculpture in the Village Square, for instance, was a real testimonial to the generous spirit of our town.

The square itself, renamed in honor of Vince Ross – one of the community’s foremost movers and shakers – is a lovely meeting place for special occasions, and artist Don Rambadt’s sculpture now shines as a symbol of the spirit of philanthropy in our Friendly Village.

Sue Thorne

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