Fallbrook is a great place to call home

As the Fallbrook International Film Festival concluded, we thought about our extraordinary town. Our jewel is the art center and the art school. There is the music society, the land conservancy, the beautification alliance, the library, three art galleries, our own hospital, the Village News, the Grand Tradition, and the list goes on. For a small town, we are a spirited and capable lot.

The prominent Avocado Festival (with its Avenue of the Arts), Paws in the Park, Art in the Park, and our Christmas parade are beloved events. The large number of clubs, service organizations, and charitable donors all make this a special place to live.

Hats off to the folks who started the Fallbrook International Film Festival; it gets better every year. This is a gigantic feat. The Sunday gala was not to be missed with its showcase of patrons, participants, talent, and filmmakers.

Thank you, Fallbrook community, for being an exceptionally energetic place to call home.

Beverly & Sten Thordarson

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