Fallbrook needs improvement projects

As San Diego draws up plans for the restoration of Balboa Park for the Centennial of the 1915 Expo, it occurred to me that Fallbrook could/should do a project of similar improvement.

This is a village that can afford it, judging from the traffic in the parking lots of the banks, and we are mercifully free of supporting a wrangling city government. So, improvements are up to us.

We need a committee of dedicated movers and shakers able to raise money and follow through on plans, dedicated to making Fallbrook (and Bonsall) an outstanding place to live. The first benefit would be to the realtors, then the chamber of commerce, the banks, and clubs like Rotary.

For starters, I propose the following long-term projects:

• Clumps of flowering trees on South Mission Rd. from SR76 to the high school

• Affordable housing or artist’s studios on South Mission Rd. to cover the eyesore of the burnt-out packing houses (with possibly a government grant)

• A paved and guarded bicycle highway with rest stops on South and East Mission, Highway 395, and SR76 with connecting links such as Live Oak Park Road. It could have built-in sections, like in Holland, with maybe an annual ‘Tour de Fallbrook.’

All of this is possible if we want to improve this wonderful village. We can do it; let’s do it!

Phil Burns

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  1. Ray (the real one)   January 23, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    How about a Wooodstock type concert to raise the funds?

    Seems my priorities differ, I think the roads need to be repaired or redesigned , more sidewalks installed. Graffitti removal would be nice and finally……. getting new sewers so that our toilets flush properly.



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