Fallbrook trees need your help

“Brother, can you spare a dime?” is a query reminiscent of depression days. Today I ask, “Fallbrook, can you spare some time?”

Since 1993 Fallbrookians have planted and maintained trees in Fallbrook, for energy saving shade, a more healthful environment, erosion control, pedestrian friendly streets, and much more.

Those years have brought old age, debilitating illness, and the passing of community volunteers that were the heart and soul of the Fallbrook Land  Conservancy’s Save Our Forest committee. As an unincorporated community, we must work together to provide the care for those assets that make Fallbrook our home.

Is there time in your life for two hours monthly to help maintain our community forest?

I hope that the challenge isn’t too big (for new volunteers to help plan, lead, and see to tree maintenance in the future), and my hopes too small (to be able to share the pleasure of keeping Fallbrook rural and green).

Sign up to enjoy your home town even more, by calling me at (760) 728-5395.

Jackie Heyneman
Save Our Forest

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