Hunter should resign

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Back in 1992 former Congressman Duncan Hunter was found to have had 399 overdrafts on his congressional house bank account.

Now the former congressmen’s son sitting Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. is under criminal investigation by the justice department for using over $60,000 of campaign funds for personal expenses such as groceries, hotels, flights, jewelry, school uniforms and tuition.

Congressman Hunter has paid back the money saying any mistakes were inadvertent and unintentional. Give me a break, when he got caught with his hand in a very large cookie jar he paid the money back. Mr. Hunter should resign immediately. We deserve better representation.

Jack Acomb

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  1. Joseph Beard   April 9, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Duncan, why are you setting up you wife to take the fall? Your claim that the personnel charges were Innocent mistakes, inadvertent and unintentional is simply incredulous. Come now, Duncan. You didn’t notice your wife spending some $60,000 more than you make? More than you had in your personal accounts?

    You had to take out a third mortgage on your home to pay back the money illegally spent. Now you’re lying about it. Do the honorable thing, Duncan: Resign!


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