I am not particularly interested in news from other counties

I thought I was reading the Fallbrook/Bonsall Village News newspaper, December 27, 2012, Issue 52, Volume 16. I kept checking the header at the top of the page to make sure, but I kept reading articles about Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore; unemployment and housing in Riverside County; and the retirement of Supervisor Bob Buster of Riverside. Good for you Bob, but why would I be interested in Riverside County’s supervisor? I’d much rather learn what our supervisor is doing and what’s happening in my own San Diego county. Although, I have to admit “felony child annoying” in San Jacinto has me intrigued as to exactly what that is.

I’ve lived in San Diego County all my life and I try very hard to make a conservative effort to spend my dollars in the community or county where I live. If I’m paying for a Fallbrook/Bonsall newspaper I expect to read about Fallbrook/Bonsall or any town going south from Rainbow.

I’m sure there were business and event happenings in San Diego communities through the holidays that could have been reported on and supported.

I went to church, movies and restaurants in River Village in the last week and got more news about Fallbrook from a trailer at the movies than my local newspaper. Great trailer by the way and I’m signing up to see Dean Koontz and support the film festival in April.

Margaret Howell

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