I support Gebhart for FPUD

I am submitting this letter to indicate my support of Mr. Al Gebhart for election to Fallbrook Public Utility Seat 2. Mr. Gebhart and I have known each other for many years and have done business together for the same time.

Mr. Gebhart is a dedicated businessman who evaluates and considers all facets of any decision he must make in regard to business matters he is involved in. He is not persuaded by opinions of others without first checking and evaluating the facts concerning the subject up for a decision. He is very aware and concerned with the application of any legislation that will affect the Fallbrook/ Bonsall communities. As a grower of avocados and avid outdoor person, he is keenly aware of the need for proper water management in this area.

His past involvement in the Santa Margarita River Project and other community service areas gives him the knowledge to make decisions that will be fair, useful to the community, and fiscally responsible.

It is a pleasure to have Mr. Gebhart running for this position. Mr. Gebhart is not burdened with any conflict of interest that concerns this office.

Gordon and Deb Raver

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