Major Market receipts can help animal sanctuary

The Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary provides a valuable service in Fallbrook by providing a temporary home to unwanted cats and dogs in our community. Running a animal sanctuary is very costly as there are constant expenses including food, vet bills, rent , utilities to name just a few.

Every now and then an angel in our community offers to help the sanctuary with financial support. Major Market is one of those angels! They support the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary by providing a small rebate for money spent at Major Market.

When Major Market patrons give (or mail) their sales receipts to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, they can be turned in for a rebate. This is a win-win situation. Next time you shop at Major Market, please drop your sales receipt off to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary at 232 W. Aviation Rd in Fallbrook (

Also, a big “thank you” to Major Market for supporting this worthy organization.

Karen Estes

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