Mother’s Day extravaganza of choices

I just could not help writing this letter regarding the Fallbrook Albertsons decorations for Mother’s Day.

When my husband and I entered the store on May 10, I was overwhelmed with the delightful display of Mother’s Day flowers. The minute we entered the store, I was captivated by the array of floral choices available for gifts to moms. I found myself wandering from arrangements of orchids to bouquets of multi-hued roses, and gorgeous mixed bundles of various selections of flowers. I just did not want to leave the area.

When I turned my head from the flowers I was gazing upon, fresh strawberries were being dipped in chocolate then charmingly packaged for a wonderful presentation. But it did not stop there, the entire front of the store was chock-full of the most appealing and cheerful balloons.

What a commendable job the Albertsons staff did with their clever display for Mother’s Day. It was a very joyful place to be that morning and I did so appreciate all the effort involved in presenting the consumer with so many selections. I wish I had 10 moms to present a gift to on her special day.

Barbro Hutchison

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