Opposing gas tax hikes on hardworking Californians

SACRAMENTO – “I stand with our low-income residents, our veterans, our women balancing multiple jobs in single parent households, our underserved, the middle income worker, the disabled, our hardworking Californians and small business owners in opposition to increasing gas taxes and vehicle fees, already among the highest in the nation.” said Assemblymember Marie Waldron.

“California’s worn out, insufficient roads and freeways are the direct result of poor leadership in Sacramento, failure to plan ahead and un-kept promises to our working people, where billions of transportation dollars have been diverted to pay for other things and not to fix our roads. California used to have freeways second to none,” said Waldron. “Asking working families to pay higher gas fees and car registrations with nothing to show for it is wrong. Shipping surcharges to cover fuel and the cost of goods will rise, hurting working people, costing jobs, incomes and business growth.”

The average family with two cars will be paying upwards of $15 per fill-up which is $30 for both cars, which does not even include local taxes. (Base excise/price-based excise, cap-n-trade, Fed excise. Based on 16 gal fill up. Many trucks, SUV’s etc. have larger tanks. Diesel fuel will increase at a higher rate.)

3 Responses to "Opposing gas tax hikes on hardworking Californians"

  1. grunt   April 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    The state, like a family MUST learn to budget. Governor Brown is building a railroad none wants, few will use at the expensive of roads, which every one wants and most use. My family only has so much income – same as most of us; I can send the $30 or more only once, The state decides what it wants then taxes us to obtain it; this is wrong! I want a new gun, my wife NEEDS a new washing machine – only in California would the state buy the gun. We spend money to hire a former AG to FIGHT the federal government (Trump) even before he took office – tax payer money,. We have expenses in setting up sanctuary cities – but what about the citizens?? Tax and spend is driving out businesses and productive tax paying people – to be replaced by what “people who do the jobs American won’t”? then the ONLY jobs in CA will be the one NOBODY wants

  2. Carole Masson   April 15, 2017 at 6:25 am

    We have voted and agreed to repair our roads twice. Both times the funds have been stolen for other projects. This latest tax only states repair. That means maybe some pot holes but not infrastructure or new roads will be built and of course no guarantee Brown can’t use the funds for something else like his bike lanes or train to nowhere. We are retired and on limited income. A lot of other taxes like sales tax, property tax etc. have also gone up along with health care. California cannot afford these additional taxes! We must protest until it stops!

  3. Ray (the real one)   April 19, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Brown wants his train, been wanting it since the 70’s, remember the end of the movie Blue Thunder. Does Jerry Brown think taco shops can support the state once the money moves out.


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