What does Paul know that Hunter and Issa do not?

In the last election cycle, dozens of Congressional Republicans (but no Democrats) received substantial campaign contributions from Comcast. They returned the favor recently by voting to repeal FCC rules that protect your internet privacy, by a resolution approved by President Trump.

Comcast and other wireless or cable companies may now sell your internet browsing history, including your shopping habits, geolocation data, internet searches and other online activity, to third parties like retailers, marketers or insurance companies, without your knowledge or permission. The FCC is barred from re-imposing the former protections.

It’s as if your phone company could eavesdrop on your phone call to a store, then sell information it gained about your purchase to the store’s competitor.

According to public filings, our 50th District Representative Duncan Hunter received $19,000 from Comcast while our 49th District Representative Darrell Issa accepted $66,275 from the company.

Those who rail against government regulation might pause and reflect on just why we’ve had restrictions on divulging electronic communications since the 1930s, when the law first forbade disclosing telephone calls. Such regulation protects the liberties of both
individuals and businesses.

Interestingly, libertarian Rand Paul took no “Comcast cash” at all. What does Paul know that Hunter and Issa do not?

Jonathan P. Scoll

One Response to "What does Paul know that Hunter and Issa do not?"

  1. BGG   April 17, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    What the author of this letter fails to mention is that Rand Paul declined to vote against the repeal of the FCC consumer privacy protections (SJ Res 34). In fact, Rand Paul was one of the repeal’s original co-sponsors. Rand Paul is no paragon of virtue in this matter.


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