Political parties play political games

Political parties divide our nation, play political games against each other, push for their own selfish agenda, and exclude “third parties” and nonpartisan people from the election process.

Alexander Hamilton (in Federalist Papers 29 and 85) and George Washington (in his farewell address in 1796) warned against parties/factions.

To learn more, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/endtheparties or rtr.org/group/9.

Randy Hartman

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  1. Jon Monday   January 16, 2013 at 2:08 am

    Hi Randy,

    I’m a Democrat – and I’m very active in the local Dem Club (had a wonderful election night party at my house with 30 to 40 people).

    However, I agree with what you’re saying about political parties being detrimental to our democracy. Further, (and this is why I’m a democrat), they both have rigged the game so much, that the only effect a third party has on national elections is to elect the person who is politically closer to the loser. A few recent examples:

    1992 – Ross Perot (18.9%) virtually elected Bill Clinton (43.0%) vs. G.H.W. Bush (37.5%)

    1996 – Ross Perot (8.4%) helped re-elect Bill Clinton (49.2) vs. Bob Dole (40.7%)

    2000 – Ralph Nader (2.7%) virtually elected George W. Bush (47.9%) vs. Gore (48.4%) [well, in this case the Supreme Court elected Bush – but had Nader not run, Gore’s victory would have been assured.]

    2004 – Ralph Nader (0.4%) wasn’t much of a factor in the re-election of George W. Bush (50.7%) vs. John Kerry (48.3%) – but if Kerry had a little more support from the left, he would have won.

    2008 – Ralph Nader and all other independents (1.1%) didn’t have any impact on the Obama (52.9%) victory vs. McCain (45.7%).

    I think moderates and centrists have to get more involved, if their unhappy with the way things are. The Tea Party’s success in driving the Republican Party to the fringe right, shows that a relatively small group of citizens can move a political party from the status quo.


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