Premium prices for marginal goods, services

Since moving to Fallbrook, we’ve been determined to shop locally whenever possible. We understand that we may pay a premium for comparable products found in “big box” stores, and are happy to do so. Increasingly we find this goal more and more frustrating.

Community pharmacies with national affiliations seem to keep a minimal inventory of medications here, such that when we renew prescriptions, they often have to order in our medications, none of which are exotic or out of the ordinary. Stores like Costco, Target, etc. do not run out of items like Celebrex or Maxhalt. You can count on getting your prescriptions filled in a timely way. Fallbrook is not competitive. We have had this problem with each pharmacy in Fallbrook.

A local garden store sent out an e-blast promoting the arrival of a new, beautiful assortment of robust veggies; I went the following day and found spindley, snail-ravaged plants with a very minimal selection of varieties.

I want so much for our community to thrive and our local economy to rebound, but we can’t ask our residents to pay premium prices for marginal goods and services – it speaks to our pride and our culture.

A.P. Breathed

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  1. Marty   January 25, 2013 at 9:29 am

    I would suggest A.P that you move to a community more to your liking, like the OC from where you probably came from.

  2. Dustin   January 25, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    I’m sorta in agreement. I live in the Deluz community, and generally drive through Fallbrook on my way pretty much "anywhere", although sometimes I’ll shoot out straight to Temecula.

    I prefer to shop local as well. If I want to purchase a new pair of shoes, sandals or the like, there are options in Fallbrook. If, however, I wish to make my purchases after 5pm when my work day is over, most shops on Main street are shuttered. (Local big box "Payless" remains open until 9pm.) I often wonder to myself, as I drive right past them, how they’re staying in business. Not everyone can take a day off to shop for shoes.

    Shoes is a silly example, but you can insert just about any noun substitution, and find the same problem present. If I flee to Temecula to make my purchases at this point, not only have we lost out on local revenue in Fallbrook, I’m also pushing my sales tax for purchases into Riverside County.

  3. justwondering   January 26, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Its not a new problem but with so many more people living in Fallbrook there seems to be an increase of businesses moving out!! If you need to shop on Mondays or GASP>>Sundays,there are virtually no stores to visit..the Farmers market on Fridays is really nice..IF you can get off during the week!! Temecula’s farmers market is on Saturday and is packed each week..their stores remain open on weekends and they have extremely competitive prices along their old town area..groceries in Fallbrook have gotten outta control price wise.and PS to doesnt have to be from the OC to expect fair and competitive prices..Im a born n bred Fallbrookian..Our Village has alot to offer and one just has to look for it..its a little harder than it used to be but there are alot of merchants who value their customers and want us to remain local..

  4. Marty   January 28, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Yes, spend $10 in gas to drive out of town to save $1, you people crack me up.

  5. longtimefallbrookres   January 29, 2013 at 1:31 am

    I am a long time Fallbrook resident. I agree that goods are totally marked up in this town. Especially Albertson’s and Major Market. Compared to Temecula or Escondido, their prices are at least 25-40% higher. And Marty, you are a snob. Justwondering is correct in saying that you don’t have to be from the OC to expect fair and competitive pricing in Fallbrook.

    Payless shoes aren’t impressive, and are more expensive than most decent shoe stores in Temecula.

    The merchants/grocery stores mark up the prices here, because they can. Most people here are too lazy to drive to Temecula. You can get a whole month’s worth of groceries for a family of 4 at a store out there for about $220.00. And Marty, if you put your money where your mouth is, you would see that is worth the $10 in gas to Temec to save $300-400 a month. Unless you are so well off, that you don’t mind spending the extra money for your groceries. Marty, you crack me up with your smug, trifling comments to people who dare express an opinion different from yours.

  6. Overpriceda   January 31, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Longtime Fallbrook resident here also, I have to agree that our local Albertsons is way overpriced compared to their other stores in Temecula or Vista. At Major you can find good buys with their little ad book they send out which has some coupons but you have to plan your meals around what they have on sale that week.

    Luckily I am able to shop at the blue big box store which claims to "always" have low prices. It does not cost me any extra in gas since it is planned around my schedule and on my route to work since I do spend average $10 a day in gas going to and from work.

    Do I prefer to shop in town, yes but it’s nearly impossible as everything is way over priced. Only the rich and wealthy of Fallbrook can afford to toodle around town and strictly shop Fallbrook while the rest of us have to leave town to get always lower prices.


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