Public Works dept. is appreciated

I want to thank the County Department of Public Works for picking up that abandoned sofa on E. Mission. It had been an eyesore for weeks, and I had wondered why the residents did not have enough pride in their neighborhood to take the initiative and arrange to have it removed.

It finally occurred to me that instead of grumbling every time I drove past it, I should try to do something about it myself. The County responded within two days of my contacting them, and called me when the job was complete. Well done.

Larry Smith

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  1. jas   November 24, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    yes Kudos to Zeke Maldonado and Junior and the rest of the crew at the Bonsall DPW Station. Those guys are very responsive to requests, fix pot holes asap and remove furniture that is dumped. thank you for all your splendid work


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