Re: “Climbing in the polls” [Letter, Village News, 9/13/12]

Regarding Tritchka’s letter and the “honest comment” from Todd Akin concerning “legitimate rape…”

Mr. Tritchka writes that information supporting Todd Akin’s statement is “readily evident in medical journals.” I would like to know which medical journals he’s referring to. Might these “journals” have been published contemporaneously with “Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management?”

In any present-day courtroom, the defendant, accused of rape, says, “Your Honor, I stand here accused of rape by that woman sitting in the first row. However, as you can plainly see, she is pregnant, so it must have been consensual sex because medical journals state that in the case of ‘legitimate rape,’ she had ‘ways to shut that thing down.’ I ask that the case against me be dismissed.”

The astounding level of ignorance, not to mention barely-concealed misogyny, in Mr. Akin’s remarks would appear to be applauded by Mr. Tritchka. The emergence of this thinking as a prized political commodity is depressing beyond belief. Welcome to the “Flat Earth Society,” where dinosaurs wear saddles, and there are no “uppity” women.

If the people of Missouri re-elect Todd Akin, they get what they deserve.

Georgiana Silvestro

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