Re: “Entitlement mentality 7.0” [Letter, Village News, 9/13/12]

Millard’s claim of the 1940’s as an example of ending the Great Depression is a good one. WWII did effectively end the Great Depression. The debt to GDP ratio was only 120 percent (debt of $260 billion is still part of our $16 trillion debt) There was rationing, price controls and the top income tax rate in 1944 was a whopping 23 percent. As income taxes didn’t come close to paying the debt, people bought bonds. The government was a lot smaller then. Spending dropped off dramatically in the late 1940’s, creating the boom from which President Eisenhower benefited.

Apparently Millard doesn’t realize that the leader of the modern democrat party is a progressive socialist. There has been information published linking Obama family members to communism (Google his grandfather, father, and mentor Frank Marshall Davis). If there were “regular” progressives, this guy would not have come close to being the party nominee. If you are a “progressive,” you should do some research as I’m sure you don’t want to be labeled as someone who has been duped.

I’m sure the “crackpots” Millard refers to are Tea Party folks. What part of reducing the national debt and reducing taxes would Reagan not condone? What part about following the Constitution would Reagan not condone? What part of reducing the size of government would Reagan not condone? But, increasing the debt and size of government, ignoring the Constitution, and raising taxes are part of the agenda of today’s progressive socialists.

Lee Racey

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  1. Terry Leather   September 28, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Taking a trip down ancient memory lane, part of FDR


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