Re: Fallbrook Skatepark updates community on park plans [Village News, 2/16/2017]

Please fellow Fallbrookians, let’s pull together to make this proposed Skateboard Park work for our city. Seems it is planned for the Ingold Athletic Field area only if funds will be available. Why not get behind this and support it in whatever way possible?

There are so many amongst us who complain about the “unruly youth” of our city and now we have a wonderful solution within our grasp. These young people desperately need a proscribed, healthy outlet for their energy, exuberance and fun way to spend their innocent youth. Remember, we were all young and peppy once!

How about a jar/box on the counter of every business in Fallbrook allocated for $1 (or more, of course) donation for the Skate Park? It wouldn’t take long to fill them up, I’m sure.

Let’s help our local kids find a place to “hang out” in a positive, healthful, energetic and fun environment. Let’s do it, Fallbrook!  Kids are our future.

Marianne Doty

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  1. Ray (the real one)   March 13, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    In Vista, the skate park is just about complete and the Skeeter Punks already tagged their turf. And old saying, it’s not the bullet that kills, it’s the hole, well it’s not the skateboard that’s illegal, it’s the Punks who ride them. Get ready Fallbrook, tagging coming to a theater near you.


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