Re: “Flouride is not a cavity fighter” [Letter, Village News, 11/21/13]

It appears that some of the Village News readers are well informed on the dangers of drinking and bathing in fluoridated water. As I noted in a previous letter to the editor, FPUD has allowed the Metropolitan Water District to add fluoride to the water that is delivered to Fallbrook. Yes, Fallbrook residents are drinking fluoridated water and no one asked the residents of our community if they wanted fluoride (medicine) added to their drinking water.

As I said before, the voters in the city of Davis, California were asked to vote on the issue of fluoride. The voters decided not to have fluoride in their water; wise choice.

Some people responded to my first missive to the Village News, saying I was a “John Bircher” or conspiracy nut-job. That’s wrong, folks. My concern is fluoride is not really a medicine at all. It’s a by-product (waste) from the manufacturing of aluminum, fertilizers, etc.

Why wouldn’t the good people of Fallbrook at least be asked before something is added to their drinking water? What’s next? A community should be consulted before adding a controversial additive to their diet.

I, for one, believe that fluoride is not good for long-term health. As for fighting cavities, no conclusive proof has been made to that argument.

All I’m saying is that the people of Fallbrook do not need to be treated like morons and have an ingredient added to their water without their consent.

John Klink

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  1. JM   December 17, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Fluoride is fairly dangerous to the body. Your body doesn’t use fluoride as a nutrient and so your kidneys have to absorb and expel it from your body. Fluoride that cant be expelled absorbs into your body, mainly your bones which is linked to bone cancer, weak bones, arthritis and hip fractures. It also effects your pineal and thyroid gland. Although these doses of fluoride are a small dose. The correct dosage is uncontrollable based on the amount of water one person drinks. People who are more sensitive to fluoride have shown basic symptoms of nausea, diarrhea and headaches. Now the more serious affects are from about 33 studies linking fluoride to a drop in IQ. There are a ridiculous amount of studies showing negative effects of fluoride although most are animal trials and with concentrated doses. The evidence has grown stronger across multiple countries, especially China and its the infants and elderly who are most vulnerable to the side effects of fluoridated water.
    The ethical problem with fluoride which FPUD does a perfect example of is that any medication requires Informed Consent and fluoride is included in that list. Whole communities including ours are being dosed with medicine without our knowledge and even if fluoride becomes a healthy nutrient for our body I would still like to have a say what gets put into my body

  2. Jon Monday   January 3, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Fluoridated Water is not dangerous. If people fear it, they can buy a cheap water faucet filter.

    Many European countries have dropped the fluoridation program, as the have universal health care, which includes dental care.

    Most Americans get adequate dental care, including fluoride treatments, as I did for myself and my kid.

    The problem with the US is that too many kids are uninsured, and don’t start seeing dentists until it urgent.

    To not fluoridate our drinking water would be like class warfare on poor children.


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