Re: “Is Fallbrook under attack?” [Letter, Village News, 8/29/13]

Bill, you have touched a nerve.

I have been a resident of Fallbrook since 1988, building our retirement home near the eastern boundary of Camp Pendleton. I was fully aware of my proximity to one of the largest Marine Corp bases in the United States.

Over the years, letters in local papers, like yours, have condemned the actions of our military’s need to train, namely helicopter operations that you deem aggravating.

You had to be aware of Camp Pendleton when you moved here and should accept all that comes with the rural lifestyle of Fallbrook, including the sound of freedom.

Bill, you need to pony up and accept world situations as they are today and provide support for our military instead of complaining about a little noise.

I offer three solutions to help you understand our current world situation.

First, when you hear the sound of freedom, envision the thousands of our military that have made the ultimate sacrifice and those that returned with the wounds of war. Second, call me (I’m in the book) and I will escort you to Camp Pendleton on a private tour of the Wounded Warriors Battalion and the Recovery Ward at the Naval Hospital. Third, find yourself a haven as far away as possible and move right now. I will help you move.

You may have guessed – I am a former Marine, proud and grateful to have served to secure your freedom to write a disrespectful article in a local publication.

Fred K. Ragland

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