Re: “Red tape mires plan for benefit district downtown” [Village News, 10-25-12]

Efforts to create a county-sponsored Community Benefit District have proven to be a waste of time, money and effort. To have even broached the subject without having any legal grounding is malfeasance on the part of New City America and the Board of Supervisors.

New City got paid handsomely for a simple survey that is moot and irrelevant. Government is not the answer and neither are out-of-town consultants peddling unobtainable dreams.

Next time Bill Horn has $30,000 to spend on Fallbrook, have him give it to Jackie Heyneman. She knows how to activate and energize this town and her leadership of Scarecrow Days is just another example of her remarkable talents.

Seven downtown businesses have closed in the past few months and there is one less reason to come downtown with each one. Downtown Fallbrook is circling the drain and we need community-led vision and action of the type I see from Jackie’s leadership alone. Scarecrow Days is bringing in visitors and is a great success in shaping an identity for Fallbrook as place worth visiting.

Bottom line: We need more Jackie and less wacky.

Rick Hill

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  1. Robert Sommers   November 9, 2012 at 10:06 am

    I agree with you Rick. Excellent letter. I was at the meeting when New City America was pitching their ideas and it was obvious that they had no clue that Fallbrook was not Little Italy and that high rise construction downtown was just not going to fly.

    Add a couple of hundred grand of consultants fees every year so that they could intercede with the board of supervisors for us and you have the makings of a real boondoggle.

    As a property and business owner downtown I believe that I am already taxed enough.


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