Re: Speeding through Fallbrook

I am shocked to see many residents of our town speeding down our streets ever morning on their way to work. It’s amazing they even make it to work.

Don’t they respect anything or anybody.

I learned a long time ago that crime, including breaking the law, does not pay.

I prefer to obey the speed limit, drive carefully and keep myself and others alive.

Lorie Kuhn

One Response to "Re: Speeding through Fallbrook"

  1. grunt   October 25, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Ms Kuhn, I also don’t like the speeding. As I have written before, 60 MPH vs. 50 MPH down Mission saves about 60 seconds, but your reaction time increases by about 60 feet (time you see a hazard until you can apply the brake)! Stopping time also increases. IS THAT 60 SECONDS REALLY THAT VALUABLE!


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