Re: Village News Inc. files for reorganization [Village News, Letter, 3/23/17]

Thank you Julie Reeder and your Village News staff for your informative local newspaper and for being the essential part of this community that you have been for so many years.

Thank you too for assuring your readers that you plan to continue your important contribution to our community without interruption.

My wife and I became subscribers before we relocated to Fallbrook 18 years ago. Your excellent, well balanced coverage helped us to be comfortable with our choice to relocate here.

Since becoming a part of this Friendly Village, I have enjoyed a delightful relationship with the Village News staff in numerous situations that they have agreed to be newsworthy and have covered well.

Their willingness to present various reader opinions in their Opinion section gives each of us an audience we would otherwise lack. I seldom miss reading this section and contribute to it from time to time.

I’m so glad to read that your decision to reorganize is simply a business decision that many big name newspapers have also used to help their financial position.

The recent recession has been quite a challenge to many businesses. Thankfully our nation appears to be experiencing a most needed recovery.

I wish you and the Village News well and am so glad you desire to continue your much appreciated commitment to your community and to your readers.

Jim Bowles

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